We should turn off safety mode on YouTube

There is no need for safety mode on YouTube because the people who made it didn’t make it very accurate. I mean auto correct is more accurate than safety mode; you can’t even watch how to make soap!

I could be more displeased…but not this time.

The Santa, and his elf slaves.

His body was fat

And jolly

And red with white outline

And as he passed through the chimney

He turned staring wide eyed at the hyper kids

With cameras

He snapped over to the tree

That was on fire and made from rubber and leather

And I saw the man run

Or walking

It was just so slow

But funny hearing the sound as he race walked


He ran

That fat jolly, man

Red and white

Up the chimney

Where did his pants and belt go?

Part human, part flesh and calories

Part angel-as he came from above(came down though).

Wise fool

He was a president, says the flaming Donald Trump flag

On the AK-47;

A lawyer, says the mad people

At his front door;

A cheater, says the bad test scores

Within the white, bleeding paper;

But not a smart man, says the reports of getting hit

By a parked car, inventing non-stick glue, waterproof tea bag,

And ejection seat on a helicopter.

The Beach

The Beach. What a pleasure to go to the land of ease. It might not be a dream for all people but it’s at least an exciting event, even with friends and family it’s no wonder so many people love to go to the beach.

The sand is so very soothing; the waves gently come patting down on the surface of solid elements. You could get down deep and be almost inside of a painting when you underwater. The sweet and soft pebbles that you might see little often. Animals covered in a shell, wrapped in armor to hide from beasts.

You see the world and compare it to your fine grains of sand with touch as soft as silk, yet then; you compare it to real life and see a polluted facility. You might ask yourself…how do I put up with this vision and leave this quiet sculpture? You see off into the distance and acknowledge steamboats, sailors, fairies, and lastly you think…to be in this land of relaxation forever would be a dream, but this is not a dream; it is a reality.


With water in the sleeping but violent pool
With withering rock erode into silky sand
With wonder into a deep abyss where you cannot breathe
As the sun savors your challenged flesh so you can block with your hand.



Bugs don’t give up; instead, they just keep banging into windows until they are out. The only time you should give up is when something is truly impossible, but then you can break the impossible!

Never give up no matter the how you difficulty is that so?

You can be the best you ever where when you do your best.

I give up. I can’t write anymore…wait…I must-I give up.

Can I stop writing? No. Leonardo da Vinci never gave up on Mona Lisa. Ben Franklin never gave up on electricity. And even you and I never gave up writing and reading this useless torcher.


Help me…I can’t think straight. I’m very dizzy and I’m not going to be feeling very sorry for anyone who reads this, but if you do…I congratulate you on facing the real world. Turn back if you want to live a lie. All this time, there was truly nothing to see. You might not like my knowledge of what there really is, but then again…who would?

I feel one good mood. But then it shatters into 1 million horrible thoughts…I cannot stop this process. It’s been going on for at least a year. Who do I help when I can barely protect myself. What happens when you do something little, but it then collapses into something nightmarish. What can I do, you do, everyone do to save nothing; as there is nothing to be saved. We are part of nothing. We were all something big and bright in the sky…we were amazing, big, magnetic stars, dazzling with dignity all on the outside, sitting as a beautiful piece of art…but now this?

Life is nothing to be saved. If you are saved once, you will be in trouble again. There is something inside of me just telling me these thought…destroying me…teaching me these ugly but true ideas. Why not just join the stars. Is there really anything once we are…gone?


Code makes almost every thing in life now that we use computers for almost every thing. We are almost completely overrun by technology.

Code is so fun, needed in high paying jobs, and is like music once you get it down. Once you make your own script, the world will be there to see it.


Kindle Fire

I would like to have a kindle fire. I’ve looked at them online, yet they’re pretty small. Only about 8 inches…or 6…I can’t remember.

I was interested in the idea that if you donated the most money in a certain project, you could win a kindle fire.

I thought how cool the kindle fire was, and I even looked up pictures of it just to see if it was worth it, and man do I want that thing bad!

Stop And Shop Andy Ihnatko via CompfightStop And Shop Andy Ihnatko via Compfight

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