The Beach

The Beach. What a pleasure to go to the land of ease. It might not be a dream for all people but it’s at least an exciting event, even with friends and family it’s no wonder so many people love to go to the beach.

The sand is so very soothing; the waves gently come patting down on the surface of solid elements. You could get down deep and be almost inside of a painting when you underwater. The sweet and soft pebbles that you might see little often. Animals covered in a shell, wrapped in armor to hide from beasts.

You see the world and compare it to your fine grains of sand with touch as soft as silk, yet then; you compare it to real life and see a polluted facility. You might ask yourself…how do I put up with this vision and leave this quiet sculpture? You see off into the distance and acknowledge steamboats, sailors, fairies, and lastly you think…to be in this land of relaxation forever would be a dream, but this is not a dream; it is a reality.


With water in the sleeping but violent pool
With withering rock erode into silky sand
With wonder into a deep abyss where you cannot breathe
As the sun savors your challenged flesh so you can block with your hand.


One thought on “The Beach

  1. Beautifully written, Aaron. Your writing is expressive and elaborated: I can see and feel the beach when I read your post.

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