“The Storm” Poem

⛈☔️“The Storm”☔️⛈

By: Adriana Klaas


The storm is approaching,

And the doors are closing

Everybody is safe inside,

Even the animals hide.


The sun is covered with crowds-

Of the treacherous clouds,

That will deliver the storm,

That is about to perform.


The rain is now pouring-

Never getting boring,

Demanding attention,

Like another dimension.


The lighting will flash-

It might cause a clash,

Striking the ground,

And scaring all around.




A sound so deafening,

It is threatening,

The mountains will battle,

And the rivers will rattle.


The rain is now misting,

It is still existing,

Still demanding attention,

It’s something you mention.


The storm has passed without a doubt,

The sun is now out,

And a rainbow stands, I don’t know why,

But it’s high in the sky.

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