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Hi! This is going to be a post with some bad news. As you know, summer is coming up! Woo-hoo! I may not be posting as much because of it, but I will definitely try.

Also, I’m discontinuing my Movies Of The Month post, because I am going to post about good movies every time I see them. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to find time to watch movies, but I will definitely not stop posting about them.

Since summer is coming, I will have a lot more time to watch and rate movies so be on the lookout! Basically, my ‘Of The Month” posts will not be on time and I apologize for that.

Anyway, a brand new month has arrived, it’s already May! Summer, beach, sun, vacation, no school, sleeping in, ice cream, Netflix, and no stress!

No more homework or project deadlines looming over your head! But we all know that after watching your entire Netflix queue 14 times in a row, you might get a little bored! So here are some amazing books to help you pass the time.

(Wattpad) Fortune- RubixCube
This is a short story about a blind date gone wrong. Amy and Owen are the perfect couple, so they want their best friends Grace and Edmund to have the same happiness. When they set up a blind date between the two, what will happen? Get ready for an amazing night that ends with a fortune nobody could ever dream of!

(Wattpad) My Life With The Walter Boys- fallzswimmer
When Jackie Howard’s family dies, she is whisked away to live with George and Katherine Walter. They forgot to mention a little detail. They have twelve boys living in their house! Jackie is in for an adventure filled with craziness, filial love, pranks, parties, friends, heartaches, bonding, and maybe just a little bit of romance.

Hope you enjoyed my post today guys! I wish you all an amazing summer and hope that it’s the best one yet! These books are really good, and you can find more like them on Wattpad.

From my world to yours,

The Giver: Write Up SPOILERS! BEWARE!

Hi! Just to remind you, the following blog post has spoilers about the book, “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. Readers, you have been warned…

The Giver Write Up

In my English class, we have just finished reading the book “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. In the book, Jonas, the protagonist, lives in a community without color, choice, storing emotion, bias and any discord. The community is seemingly perfect, but then Jonas is exposed to feelings, memories and other joys that the community has stolen from by the Giver.

The story ends with Jonas and Gabe leaving the community and finding a sleigh. It was a very mysterious ending that I found very intriguing. I think that Jonas and Gabe finally find civilization and other people because it says that “he heard people singing”. When he arrives at the hill, he sees lights, rooms in which “families created and kept memories, where they celebrated love”.

But then, Lois Lowry makes us question what Jonas is experiencing by stating, “But perhaps it was only an echo”. I felt that while this was a very good cliffhanger, it was also a bit annoying. The entire book has lots of mystery in it. Some things aren’t explained which makes the reader want to know more. While I did like the air of mystery, I felt like Lois Lowry should have maybe elaborated make in some areas. She should have given us more facts about the society, and perhaps given a couple more hints at the ending of the book as to what would happen, but it was a very good cliffhanger that leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next.

When Jonas and the rest of the community lose their sense of color, their memories, and opportunity of choice, it makes the reader wonder what their life would be like without these things. When Jonas experiences color, he absolutely loves it. When he gets good memories, like family, he understands risk and its payoff when he sees the fire in the living room. I think Lois Lowry wanted the readers of “The Giver” to understand that most of the things we take for granted are what make life beautiful.

All in all, I really loved this book, crazy cliffhanger and all. I will definitely be reading the sequel to “The Giver”, “Gathering Blue”. Thank you Lois Lowry!

From my world to yours,

The Giver: Color

In class, we have been reading the book “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. In the book, the main character, Jonas, as well as everyone else in the community, sees no color. I believe that the lack of color adds to the fact that there aren’t true emotions or memories, and that there is no choice.

The concept of color is a quality you can see in the world. We don’t really think about simple concepts. The concept of color may not mean much to us in our everyday lives, because we were born with the ability to see color and we sometimes take it for granted. To me, the lack of color in the book further emphasizes the lack of choice, emotion and memories. I feel like color is such an important part of our lives that we don’t really notice. I think that since certain colors trigger certain emotions, they were done away with. Feelings can be expressed in color, so I thought that Lois Lowry maybe included lack of color in her novel to emphasize that human emotion is lost in the community’s world. It would be really scary for us to see everything in varying shades of grey. The lack of color in the novel was a very good technique to stress what the people felt in the book.

The picture shown below is a photograph that shows a beautiful river scene. But don’t you feel like it’s lacking something? Color. It’s lacking color. If you added color to the picture you would connect to the picture, maybe feel a strong emotion. Color adds emotion, and inspiration in our lives. And though we don’t think about it a whole lot, it’s really important.


Books Of The Month

Hi! Is anyone excited for the weekend? I know I am! I have a volleyball tournament in Dallas and a couple of my friends are coming, so it should be a blast! I don’t know why, but this week seemed super long to me. The downside of having a three day tournament is the homework. You have to find any possible spare moment to do your homework! I have so much homework! Anyway, now that I’ve bored you with the story of my life, let’s get started!

Thirteen Reasons Why- The story of Hannah Baker, a high schooler who committed suicide. But, before she did, she made tapes. Thirteen, specifically. Thirteen tapes for the thirteen people who drive her to commit suicide. Her thirteen reasons why.

The Giver- Jonas lives in a society where there is no choice, no weather, no color, no memories or emotions. But nobody knows that. When he gets the role of Receiver Of Memory, he understands the joy and sadness
of life with the help of his mentor, the only person who holds memories, all the memories of past civilizations, the Giver.

That’s it for this Books Of The Month post! Tune in later for my Movies of the Month post! Have a great weekend!

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As the giant, metal bars come down and strap me in my seat, I think about the huge drop on the roller coaster ahead. My hands grip the bars so hard that my knuckles turn white. My nails dig into the rubber covering the metal. As the employee hits the red button, the car starts to shoot forward. When I get to the top of the vertical track, I take in the cool air, the vibrant, blue sky and all the miniature sized people below. My heart drops as the car started to tip and take the plunge. I throw my hands up and yell. My hair is blown so far back that it sticks straight up. The wind is so powerful and is pushing towards my face. After we turn and go through all the loops of the roller coaster, my heartbeat starts to return to its normal rate and I start to relax. The ride comes to a sudden stop. With a grin on my face I say to the employee, “Again, please!”

I’m really sorry for the short post, I will make the Books of the Month post super long! Stay tuned!

From my world to yours,


Masks. They cover your face and make you someone else.

They come in an infinity of colors, materials, textures, shapes, and sizes. Some people wear ornamental masks to masquerade balls or Mardi Gras. Some people wear masks for health. Dentists and firemen wear masks to protect themselves. A lot of people wear masks on Halloween. I once wore a mask on Halloween, and I scared a lot of people. Some people wear masks of makeup. All of these masks are physical. You can see all of them, and they are all supposed to hide something.

But what about the masks you can’t see? For example, when someone is sad, but they are in a public setting, they will wear a mask of happiness. They’ll laugh and joke around with you, but inside they might want to cry or tell somebody what has happened. These are figurative masks. I’ve worn a figurative mask more than once in my life, and I’m sure many others have had to also. Another example of a mask is the internet. You could be chatting with someone online and not have a single clue as to who they are!

I know for a fact that many people wear masks. In fact, I would go as so far to say that all of us have worn a mask at least once. I’ve worn lots of masks, both figurative and literal. What about you? What masks have you worn?

Comment below with your answers.

From my world to yours,

The Phantom’s Lair: The Phantom Of The Opera

I was in a spellbound state. My body moved, and my mind thought, but I didn’t feel any of it. It was an out of body experience. I followed him, down, down, down into the dungeon of an opera house. A large, steel, chained, door stood in front us. He produced a key out of thin air, and unlocked the door.

As the door swung open, I had my first look at the underground lair of my Angel of Music. It was mysterious and amazing. Ethereal stones on the high ceiling cast a surreal glow over the huge tunnel. A lake flowed through the center of the tunnel. I went over and touched with my hand.

Cool, liquid, sapphire colored silk floated across my hand with strands of silvery gray mixed in. When I looked up, I saw that a beautiful silver bridge was high above the lake. Dark marble steps led up to the bridge. As I walked up, I noticed that this bridge was very queer.

A large balcony protruded from the top of the bridge. And on that balcony sat a breathtaking grand piano. The Angel seemed to glide up the stairs as he sat gracefully on the piano seat. I caught another glimpse of his mask as he turned to look at me, trying to see what I thought of this beautiful, ethereal, dark, guarded oasis of music.

I walked toward the piano and stood next to it, watching him as he started to play. “I have brought you to the seat of sweet music’s throne…”

Hope you liked this little piece! It’s from Christine’s point of view as she enters the underground lair of the Phantom for the first time.

From my world to yours,


Rules. We make them and we break them. In the past, there are so many different examples in which people reject the rules. But does it have a positive and negative outcome?

There are many ways in which breaking the rules is destructive. For example, killing or abusing another being is very harmful, so there are laws to protect us from that. Drinking and driving could end in injury or death, so there are laws to prevent it. There are also ethical rules against bullying another. These are rules that have disastrous and caustic consequences if broken.

But, there are many ways in which resisting the rules have favorable results. When society stated that homosexuality was wrong, people dared to break that rule, and they ended up helping so many others! When women stood up for women’s suffrage, and black men and women stood up for their civil rights, they ended up changing countless lives for the better by standing for their right of equality!

There are many times in which breaking the rules had damaging and ruinous consequences, but there are other times in which they had good, beautiful ones! I believe that it’s bad to break to the rules sometimes, but that sometimes, the rules need to be broken.

From my world to yours,

Salt Lake City

Hi! Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, but I’m here now! So, this past week, I had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake City and perform there at ACDA! Our Varsity Treble Choir got ate lunch on Monday afternoon, hopped on a bus, and then got on a plane to Salt Lake City! When we got there, we checked into the hotel, and then we just slept. All of us were so tired!

Next morning, we got up, grabbed some coffee (Starbucks!), then headed to both of the rehearsal halls to see where we would be singing. The two halls we were going to be singing at were huge! Tabernacle Hall and Abranavel Hall are so beautiful! We rehearsed and drove back to the hotel and had some down time. For for my roommate Sachi and I, there was no downtime! We were scribbling away, trying to get our homework done. Then next we knew, we were whisked away to go to the Olympic Oval!

It was where the speed skating Olympics were held, and we were going to go skate there! We got a small tour of the gargantuan place, then we got suited up! And by that, I mean we got our skates and helmets on. After we got on the ice, our instructor taught how to spin, do an arabesque and even skate backward! Then, we had dinner and went to bed. The next morning, we got up, got dressed, and went to go perform at Tabernacle Hall! We did amazing, and guess what? As we exited the building, it started snowing! We had so much fun, but then we had to go to the hotel because everyone was all wet. We got dry, then headed to Abranavel Hall! We performed, then we went to the Capitol to take more photos! I got to see the pictures, and they were so pretty!

We ended up eating dinner, and sleeping at the hotel, dreaming about all the fun we’d had. We got up the next day, got on our plane, and watched as Salt Lake City faded away from sight. But not from our minds.

Sorry about the short post, I will post a longer one next time!

From my world to yours,

Books Of The Month (February 2015)

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! But… during the long weekend, I visited the library and got so many books! The Laura Bush Library is so cool! You can find almost any book, surf the Internet, and all in all have a great time. So while I was there, I found some really good books that some of you might enjoy! And, I’ve been finding some really good stories on Wattpad so you will have some cool reading material. So what am I dragging this intro for?! Here we go!

Dork Diaries- Rachel Renee Russell
Join Nikki as she navigates the chaotic seas that are known as high school. She has so many things to worry about! Her dad’s job, her everlasting crush, the CCP queen Mackenzie and even more! But she’s got her two best friends to help her on these crazy adventures!

Playing Matchmaker- Summercalling (Wattpad)
I’m not posting Summercalling’s synopsis, because it could be copyrighted, but you have to check this book out! It’s so good.

Times Squared- Julia DeVillers & Jennifer Roy
This is a sequel to the original book whose name I cannot remember, but Times Squared is a great book to read. Two twins, Emma and and Payton, are as different as can be. When Payton’s Drama Club and Emma’s Mathletes are headed to New York together, who knows what could happen?!

Sorry for the short post, but keep a look out for my Movies of the Month post!

From my world to yours,

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