Hello everybody!

Today I want to talk about a book I read called A Study in Charlotte. 

My book is set in Sherringford, a prep school in Connecticut. The area is described as gloomy and quiet, with not much interaction between people. The buildings are high and intimidating. The only plants are trees without many leaves.

The book is a parody of your typical Sherlock Holmes and Watson stories. The two main characters are descendants of Sherlock and Watson, named Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson. The characters start out thinking they are rivals of each other, but the also are very curious to learn about each other. One day, Jamie gets into a fight with another student who was taunting Charlotte. A day after the fight, the student is murdered and Charlotte and Jamie are the two major suspects. Charlotte and Jamie team up to find who the true murderer is by meeting secretly and gathering evidence, even if they have to trespass and lie. A long the way, Jamie and Charlotte learn more about eachother’s life and secrets and become closer friends. Will they find who murderer is before it seeks its next victim? You should read the book to find out.

I would recommend this book to a more older audience since it does have mature themes.

Anyway, thanks for reading!



Hey guys, this is is a needle felting tutorial! The title stands for “Octopus Needle Felting Tutorial”. I chose this video because I do needle felting in my spare time and underwater is sort of the theme of my blog so this octopus fits in very well. Needle felting is a very cool hobby since you can make mini stuffed animals with it without needing cloth, sewing skills, and stuffing.

This link teaches you all about needle felting.

Cc P1, AS

Hello guys, I’m starting a series of how to create a comic. I know the title sounds weird, but it stands for Comic Creating Part 1, Art Style. The reason I abbreviate the title is because I love this theme but it makes all the letters on my titles automatically capitalized, which Ms. Bayona says is not allowed. This is because she is grading us on our capitalization, and if all the title’s letters are capitalized she can’t tell which ones I manually capitalized. By abbreviating, everything is meant to be capitalized so I think I can keep my theme then.

Anyway, I’m not a professional comic maker, but I do draw comics in my spare time. Comics are great to make if you love making stories and drawing. I may not continue this series because I’m lazy but I’m going to try to continue it for now.


Art Style

Every comic has a distinctive art style. Whether it’s stick figures, animals, or simple shapes, it always has a unique style that the author came up with. When making comics, I suggest using an art style that is unique to you. I know it’s easy to just use stick figures, but add something else to the stick figures, like they all wear red shoes or something else. Take Garfield for example. The eyes are curved and it shows a more interesting style than just drawing dot eyes. (Drawing dot eyes aren’t bad, but there should be other factors that make your art style unique)

The curved eyes are more unique.

Why is it important to have a unique art style? Well when you use a distinct art style, it  looks more pleasing to the eye and people will remember your comics better since the art is unique.

The first one is the unique one fyi.


(Click for better quality)

So I know you make think the second one is more appealing to the eye, but which style would you remember better? I definitely would remember the first one better. Why? Well the face is unique, and it has interesting details like red shoes or open mouths.


Many comics won’t be colored at all, and that’s totally fine. I particularly like coloring the smallest things, like just the trees or just a few characters, but that’s it.

It depends one what you want to be more apparent to the audience. Do you want them to look at your art or the writing? If you want both, I suggest having a simpler art style, but coloring it more. Having a complex style and not coloring would take away from the writing, but also not really show to much art skill. Of course, it would be best to have both a complex style and be completely colored, but that’s pretty hard and will take a long time.

The first one is detailed but it has no color. That prevents it from being more pleasing to the eye. The second one isn’t detailed but the color makes it better.

That being said, don’t go over board with colors. It can get a little hard to read and see the comic.

Like this art piece. I have no idea what’s going on.


It really just depends on the style. Some styles suit colors, others don’t. I think that less is more when it comes to comics, but it’s up to you. Comics are a lot like animations that youtubers make and most aren’t super colored.


The last thing I want to talk about it being consistent with your art style. If you have a simple style here, then you must have a simple style everywhere else. You can’t be drawing stick humans, but then pixel art cats, and then realistic trees, it just doesn’t look good.

The other thing is a plant from my house.


You should know how to create different things in your style. You must know how to make animals in your style, plants in your style, and anything in your style that will be in your comic. If your comic only has    humans, then you don’t need to know this part but most comics have multiple kinds of things. It’ll look a lot better that way and your comics will feel more like professional comics.

Like how in this photo I drew many things in one style.

So that’s all I wanted to say in this post! Hope you learned something!

You don’t really have to follow anything I said if you don’t want to. Comics are your work and there are many ways to make them.