Hello everybody!

Today I want to talk about a book I read called A Study in Charlotte. 

My book is set in Sherringford, a prep school in Connecticut. The area is described as gloomy and quiet, with not much interaction between people. The buildings are high and intimidating. The only plants are trees without many leaves.

The book is a parody of your typical Sherlock Holmes and Watson stories. The two main characters are descendants of Sherlock and Watson, named Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson. The characters start out thinking they are rivals of each other, but the also are very curious to learn about each other. One day, Jamie gets into a fight with another student who was taunting Charlotte. A day after the fight, the student is murdered and Charlotte and Jamie are the two major suspects. Charlotte and Jamie team up to find who the true murderer is by meeting secretly and gathering evidence, even if they have to trespass and lie. A long the way, Jamie and Charlotte learn more about eachother’s life and secrets and become closer friends. Will they find who murderer is before it seeks its next victim? You should read the book to find out.

I would recommend this book to a more older audience since it does have mature themes.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “ISR

  1. Wooooohhhhhh murder mystery. I love parodies of other books! Thanks for sharing with us!
    P.s. I also love all your decorations on your blog and your little worm on the side

    • Haha yeah it’s a pretty good book! Thanks, I really like this underwater theme. But the book has many bad words in it and it talks about other stuff that is mature so I might drop it?

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