Hello! This page stands for “About Me”. On my first post I explain why I abbreviate all my titles. Anyway, I’m Alina, the creator of this blog. I was born in the US, but my parents are originally from Pakistan. The only sport I do is figureskating. I love cats and I try to learn a lot about kitten fostering in my free time since I want to foster kittens when I grow up. I play the viola and like to read mystery and fantasy.

If I were to have a spirit animal it would be a turtle since I’m slow and I hide away from my problems a lot. I love crafts like needle felting, slime, and hand making gifts.

I like food, but I especially love noodles that are soaked in savory sauce. I love to draw and make comics since it lets me get out my feelings without making me saying it out loud and making others hear them.

As I said earlier, I love to do art and in a way writing and blogging is also like art. On this blog you’ll see the art I’ve made, the meaning behind them, and other ways I express myself.

This is one of my drawings, it is my version of digital small dinosaurs you may have seen online before.