My ISR Book

Hello everyone! I am currently reading Turtles All the Way Down by: John Green. The book is placed in Indianapolis and is based in a pretty modern time. The main conflict is an internal struggle that the main character has with herself about thinking she is crazy. The book is about the problems that she has in life with her mental condition and her struggle of dealing with what her therapist calls “invasive thoughts.” All of this is going on while Daisy and she are trying to solve the mystery of billionaire Russel Pickett. Along the way she gets into a relationship with the son of the billionaire. She gets into a traumatizing experience. And deals with losing some things that were very important to her. While in the hospital, she thinks she has linked together all of the pieces of the Pickett case. Her friend Daisy get into a relationship with their friend Mychal.

Cube in Fortnite is Destroying Wailing Woods

This week the mysterious purple cube in Fortnite has starting moving into wailing woods, destroying all the trees is rolls over. The cube has left several “runes” imprinted in the ground all over the map. The area around the runes is a low gravity zone that provides interesting custom game modes in playground mode. The cube is rumored to be moving toward Loot Lake, one of the exiting points for the time-traveling rocket last season. Coming toward the end of season 5, the in-game events should be getting more and more interesting. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the weeks the come.

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