*Song that goes perfectly with this piece is Truce by Twenty One Pilots!!! Enjoy!*


I walked the cobbled streets of London, the light drizzle battered against my coat. The dark sky glittered with small stars, which stretched across the night. With no moon, I relied on the lights of the dim street lamp posts to guide me home. My shoes clicked against the pavement and my hands tightened around the small umbrella I carried.

Today was April 26, 1994. A year from the tragedy. Every year, on this day, I can recall the last few moments of the horrid evening perfectly, each movement, each step, I have memorized.

I rushed to the hospital, not caring at this point of the people I pushed out of the way. I ran to the reception desk, my breath coming in short gasps. 

“Selene Idris! Which room, please?” My words tumbled out. The receptionist handed me a number and I took off again. Room 214. I stopped in front of the door. Bracing myself, I walked in. There, lying on the small hospital bed was my best friend. Test tubes and wires were connected to her and my stomach lurched at the sight. 

Slowly, I walked over to the bed, kneeling by her side. 

“Hey.” I whispered. Dull, tired eyes turned to look at me. She wheezed out a small laugh, clasping her hand around mine. “It hurts to laugh,” she breathed. Settling myself in small chair close to her, I spoke again. “Remember when we were in 5th grade, and we became friends?” Selene shifted her head down and smiled, re-assuring me that she remembered. “Those days were the start of everything, I don’t know what I’d do without you.” The tears hid in my eyes, not wanting to fall. I had to be strong.

“Please don’t go.” Selene shook her head, her words quiet but clear, “You know it doesn’t work that way.” I shook my head, my grip tightening a little around her hand, not wanting to let go. I wasn’t ready. 

“Stay alive, for me if not yourself.” At this point I didn’t care when the tears fell, let them fall I thought. “You’ll always be my best friend. No matter if I’m not around. You’ll always be with me, and the same goes for you.” 

Then her eyes shut and my world fell apart. I was alone.

I sat on the sidewalk, leaning my head against a wall. I shut my umbrella, letting myself be drenched in the now pouring rain. I was alone.


12 thoughts on “Alone

    • hiyam4 says:

      Thank you! Also, Selene was around 18 for her death in the story, and I was thinking that maybe she could have been diagnosed with a disease at an earlier age and these are her last moments with her friend? I haven’t really thought about that! Haha! 🙂

  1. Mcamacho says:


    I think that your writing was very interesting. . The amount of details you put in the story was AMAZING! I also like the dialogue between you and Selene. Has a tragic time like this ever happened to you in real life?

    • hiyam4 says:

      Thank you so much! To answer your question, a moment like this has not happened to me before, but the song, Truce by twenty-one pilots, really inspired me to write this piece!

  2. Dsherrill says:


    Wow. This is an amazing piece of writing. I love everything about it, from the way you set up the scene, to the way you portray the characters. I the way you write allows us readers to feel the emotions of the story. As someone who loves to write, I can only dream to write this well. I would love to read another one of your stories.

    – Dsherrill

  3. Lenriquezmondragon says:

    this was a really touching story, you did an excellent job and making the reader feel as if they were there and it was just truly amazing. I can relate to the character since at one point or another you lose someone important to you. I also enjoyed how you recommended truce by twenty øne piløts and how a lyrics from the song was quoted (I personally LOVE tøp so I really appreciated that). I also think that the fault in our stars by troye Sivan would work great also for this story! I would love to hear more short stories from you.
    – Lenriquezmondragon

    • hiyam4 says:


      Thanks you so much! It makes me really happy you liked it! I’m not sure if I will write another like this…this piece was more of a “in the moment” sort of piece because I got inspired by the song I was listening to(Truce by twenty-one pilots).

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