I’m so excited for Halloween!! The last couple years have been so fun and I can’t wait for this year. I hope we get lots and lots of candy. I’m also really happy that Halloween is on a Friday and not a school night. When it used to be on a school night that meant we had to go home earlier I think this year will be really fun ,because I’m going with more people. We have been talking about it for weeks now and it’s almost here!!! I’m counting the days!

I’m going as a baby with one of my friends and the other two girls going with us are being Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We are gonna wear the one piece pajamas with pacifier and scrunchies. It won’t take us that long to get ready ,because it’s a simple costume! We are gonna go to my house get ready then got trick or treating. We are probably going to go to the Bluffs! After we’re going to my house and trading candy and stuff like that.

It’s gonna be so fun and I can’t wait!! :))

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1 thought on “Halloween!!

  1. Mrs. Kriese

    Not only am I glad Halloween is on a Friday, but I’m also glad it’s a late start/shortened class period day at school. Adds to the fun!


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