Monthly Archives: November 2014

My Grandpa

In class we listened to a poem about the soldiers. I really liked it, because it had great imagery and was very well worded. The poem made me think about my Grandpa, because he is a veteran. He was in the navy and tells us lots of stories about it.

He now flies people places in his own airplane. Even though he is retired I don’t think he considers this a job. He thinks it fun and its a big part of his life. He flown me up in it. We have done a loop and a no gravity thing. It is so fun and I hope he continues to fly for as long as he can.

I think it’s so cool that he fought in the navy for our country. Even though I will probably never be a veteran; I hope we have many people that will want to fight for us.

Not So Good Memory

Me and my cousin were at my grandmas house. We decided to play hide and seek. She went and counted;I heard her voice as it got closer and closer to 100. I’m running out of time! I run under the piano and hear the “ready or not hear I come.” I scoot as far back as I can under the piano.

I watch her feet run around looking for me. I think she is going to give up. She stops in front of the piano as she leaned down and said “found you,” in a proud of herself kind of voice. “Took you long enough,” I say. I stand up from the under the piano as my knee glides against the sharp edge of the piano leg. I look down expecting to see a minor cut. All I see is my knee gushing blood. Everyone rushes over as I begin to yell. The blood now all over the white carpet. I look at my knee trying not to scream.

I still have the scar from playing hide and seek 6 years ago. I’m never going under that piano again.

The Bus Tour

The Bus Tour is a fun thing that kids from a church group put on for middle schoolers. You get a ticket, and then you go and get on the bus. They take you to different places and it is so fun!!!

This year we are going to Main Event and Jumpstreet. I’m so excited, because my fiends will be there and I love Main Event and Jumpstreet! The thing I love about Main Event is there is so much to do! What I love about Jumpstreet is you can tumble and do lots of flips!

It was so fun last year, and will probably be a blast this year!!!