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People Wear Masks In Different Ways

Have you ever worn mask? Was it to cover your face or your feelings? Masks can be worn in many different ways. Whether they are real or not.

Masks can be literal; people can cover themselves. On Halloween, you might see some exciting ones. You might find a scary Jason strolling down the street or maybe the hulk with his dark green face.  You might walk into a Marti Gras party and see many colorful masks. Maybe you were at a masquerade ball, a place with all kinds of masks, and some there. Although there might be a lot of fun reasons you can wear masks; You can wear real masks for protection also. You might be sitting in a hospital when you see surgeons roll by saving some one and protecting themselves at the same time. You might even hear about a soldier who wears a mask to keep themselves from being harmed. No matter is you are wearing a mask for fun or protection they can be fun.

However, some masks are figurative. They can hide someone’s real personality or real feelings. Someone who is sad might cover it up with a smile. You might go up to them and say something and they answer happy, but you know they are sad. You might answer the phone and be in a bad mood, but talk in a cheery voice. I think that we all have worn a figurative mask at some point.

I think we have all worn both kinds of masks. It might be a master face or a smile. Think about all the masks you have worn in your life. Were they for fun, protection, or to hide the real things?

Why Colorado is the Best Place to go

Smooth snow, warm fires, tall mountains- all the great things about Colorado. Colorado is one of the best vacations ever. You will have fun no matter what you do.

One of the best things is the slopes. Whether your a beginner skier or have been skiing all your life, it’s impossible not to have fun on the slopes. For more experienced skiers the mogels are really fun. You fly down the hill and start to get closer and closer to the bumps. Jolting up and down until you reach the smooth part of the snow. You can also try a green square pass. The square means it’s easier.its very relaxing as you roll over the icy surface not having to worry about anything. From the moment you get off the ski lift and your feet hit the ground you’ll have smile on your face.

However, another great thing is the people. I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere else where the people are so nice to strangers. You may fall down on the hill and some one skiing by will stop and help you up. If you have to ask for directions I don’t think you will get ignored by random people. You may even have different people come up to you at once to tell you. If you want a family photo you won’t have to ask a million times to get a volunteer to take it for you. I love Colorado for so many reasons especially including this one.

Even if you hate the cold you might learn to like it just because your in Colorado. You’ll love everything about it!! So if your looking for a great, fun, and nice place to vacation try Colorado. You will have tons of fun and never run out of things to do!

Why Summertime is the Best

No more school, hang out with friends, get away from the tests-just a few perks of summer break. Two and half months of never ending fun! My favorite time of the year…SUMMER!

One of my favorite things is the lake. Jumping off the dock is my personal favorite. Counting down from 3 with your friends. Screaming as you fly downward into the water. You feel the plants at the bottom touch your toes. Then coming out above the surface and floating while you wait for everyone else to meet you there. The only bad part about it is having to leave the lake! Swimming in lake is just more fun when you know its summer!!!

Another great thing about summer is that you get to sleep in! You can stay in bed without having to worry about getting ready for school. No one will usually care when you get up and it is such a relief from waking up early for school. Overall summer is just great and sleeping in is just one of the reasons.

I can not wait for summer. I feel likes it’s been years since the last time we were on summer break. There are so many reasons that summer is great!

Story Writing

In English this week we wrote stories in are groups. They had to be about a basketball game that was tied with seconds left. I think my group worked well together and here is what we came up with:

I look at the clock and see three numbers. 29-29, 7 seconds. On the last play, the other teams tall center made an easy layup.

I see the point guard look at me. I glance around me. Only to realize that I’m completely open. No defense in sight. I see the point guards hand extend in my direction. Oh no, not me! I’ve only made to shots all season, and both were right under the basket. I’m behind the three point line, I can’t even make these kind of shots in practice. The basketball hits me hard, and I stumble back even further. Should I shoot? I could pass to my teammate in the elbow, but he is guarded good.

I hear my coach and most of the crowd yelling, ‘shoot, shoot!” I guess I have no choice. The ball leaves my hands. The crowd goes silent as the ball circles the hoop. It’s rolls into the net. I stand frozen as my teammates crowd around me saying, “we won!” I did I actually did it.