Why Colorado is the Best Place to go

Smooth snow, warm fires, tall mountains- all the great things about Colorado. Colorado is one of the best vacations ever. You will have fun no matter what you do.

One of the best things is the slopes. Whether your a beginner skier or have been skiing all your life, it’s impossible not to have fun on the slopes. For more experienced skiers the mogels are really fun. You fly down the hill and start to get closer and closer to the bumps. Jolting up and down until you reach the smooth part of the snow. You can also try a green square pass. The square means it’s easier.its very relaxing as you roll over the icy surface not having to worry about anything. From the moment you get off the ski lift and your feet hit the ground you’ll have smile on your face.

However, another great thing is the people. I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere else where the people are so nice to strangers. You may fall down on the hill and some one skiing by will stop and help you up. If you have to ask for directions I don’t think you will get ignored by random people. You may even have different people come up to you at once to tell you. If you want a family photo you won’t have to ask a million times to get a volunteer to take it for you. I love Colorado for so many reasons especially including this one.

Even if you hate the cold you might learn to like it just because your in Colorado. You’ll love everything about it!! So if your looking for a great, fun, and nice place to vacation try Colorado. You will have tons of fun and never run out of things to do!

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2 thoughts on “Why Colorado is the Best Place to go

  1. Mrs. Bridges

    Fact 1: Mrs. Bridges has never been to Colorado.
    Fact 2: Mrs. Bridges has never seen snow (minus the snow in Texas which I do not count)
    Fact 3: Mrs. Bridges is going to Colorado for Spring Break!

    What part of Colorado do you like best? I would love some travel advise as I make my spring break plans. We are thinking of visiting Durango, Co. I plan on skiing and snow tubing. I have also heard sleigh rides are a lot of fun!

    1. annakatek2 Post author

      I love the place Vail in Colorado! (It is the only place I have been though) Yes all the things you said are a lot of fun!


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