People Wear Masks In Different Ways

Have you ever worn mask? Was it to cover your face or your feelings? Masks can be worn in many different ways. Whether they are real or not.

Masks can be literal; people can cover themselves. On Halloween, you might see some exciting ones. You might find a scary Jason strolling down the street or maybe the hulk with his dark green face.  You might walk into a Marti Gras party and see many colorful masks. Maybe you were at a masquerade ball, a place with all kinds of masks, and some there. Although there might be a lot of fun reasons you can wear masks; You can wear real masks for protection also. You might be sitting in a hospital when you see surgeons roll by saving some one and protecting themselves at the same time. You might even hear about a soldier who wears a mask to keep themselves from being harmed. No matter is you are wearing a mask for fun or protection they can be fun.

However, some masks are figurative. They can hide someone’s real personality or real feelings. Someone who is sad might cover it up with a smile. You might go up to them and say something and they answer happy, but you know they are sad. You might answer the phone and be in a bad mood, but talk in a cheery voice. I think that we all have worn a figurative mask at some point.

I think we have all worn both kinds of masks. It might be a master face or a smile. Think about all the masks you have worn in your life. Were they for fun, protection, or to hide the real things?

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