It’s sometimes ok to break the rules, but we should all know when it’s ok to break them or not. The rules could be a big mistake or end up making a difference.

In life there are times when you should follow the rules; there are times to break them also. For example, Rosa Parks broke the rules by sitting and not moving when asked for her spot. She knew in that moment she had to disobey the rules. Without her taking that little step that lead to others standing up for segregation to end. Who knows where we would be without her doing that one thing. That is just one example, but many big changes have started with one rule being broken.

However, a lot of the times you should follow the rules. For instance, you don’t know the answer to a question on a test. That does not give you the right to cheat. Try your hardest to follow the rules;in a situation like cheating on a test you should know it’s not ok to disobey .

Without rules we would be living in chaos,people running around the streets stealing and breaking stuff, but if there were not people who broke them in a good way I cant imagine where we would be.

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