Animal Farm

In English we read the book Animal Farm. I thought it was really good and very well written. It was easy to tell which animals were supposed to be who in the Russian Revolution. I thought the book got better as it went on. I’m glad we read it.

I hope we get to read more like this. I liked how once they over through jones they thought it was going to be all good, but they had a lot of problems they were facing. Once snowball was chased away that is where it took a major turn for the worse. Napoleon started lying and breaking the rules, but when he broke them he would change the rules so that he would technically still be following them. He still said men was the enemy, but he was trading supplies with them. My favorite part of the whole book was definitely the end. I thought it was so sad when they said you couldn’t tell the difference between pig and man. Even though it was sad I liked it.

I really liked the book, but I didn’t expect to. Anyone who has not read the book for class I recommend it!!

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1 thought on “Animal Farm

  1. Mrs. Kriese

    I’m glad that you’re glad that you read this classic book!

    In high school, you’ll be reading another famous work by George Orwell. It’s called 1984, and I think you’ll enjoy it very much…it’s just as disturbing as Animal Farm 😉


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