Monthly Archives: May 2015

7th Grade English

I have learned a lot this year in 7th grade English . I’ve grown as a writer and reader. it made me realize how much more you can do when you read or write. Now I understand books better and there is more of a maturity to my writing. Here are some of the things I have learned.

Tone: I learned that it’s not the same as mood. It is a writers attitude towards a subject.

Mood: You can make or break a story with the mood. It can create a whole atmosphere of happy, sad or any feeling.

Imagery: I know now that its not only what you see, but also what hear,smell, feel, and taste.

Diction: how a word in a sentence can change the whole meaning.

Sound patterns: How the rhythm of a sentence can make it more fun to read.

One of my favorite parts of English this year the plays we read. It was so fun to be able to listen to the music and hear the story. I used to not even like musicals, but I have grown to really like them this year. I have liked almost all of the books we have read this year. Beowolf wasn’t really my kind of book, but I really liked Animal Farm and The Giver. I’m so glad I got listen to and read all these great stories this year.

I learned all the things I needed to in 7th grade. It was challenging, but fun at the same time I had a blast. It was much harder than English last year.  I feel prepared for 8th grade English now!:)