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7th Grade English

I have learned a lot this year in 7th grade English . I’ve grown as a writer and reader. it made me realize how much more you can do when you read or write. Now I understand books better and there is more of a maturity to my writing. Here are some of the things I have learned.

Tone: I learned that it’s not the same as mood. It is a writers attitude towards a subject.

Mood: You can make or break a story with the mood. It can create a whole atmosphere of happy, sad or any feeling.

Imagery: I know now that its not only what you see, but also what hear,smell, feel, and taste.

Diction: how a word in a sentence can change the whole meaning.

Sound patterns: How the rhythm of a sentence can make it more fun to read.

One of my favorite parts of English this year the plays we read. It was so fun to be able to listen to the music and hear the story. I used to not even like musicals, but I have grown to really like them this year. I have liked almost all of the books we have read this year. Beowolf wasn’t really my kind of book, but I really liked Animal Farm and The Giver. I’m so glad I got listen to and read all these great stories this year.

I learned all the things I needed to in 7th grade. It was challenging, but fun at the same time I had a blast. It was much harder than English last year.  I feel prepared for 8th grade English now!:)


Animal Farm

In English we read the book Animal Farm. I thought it was really good and very well written. It was easy to tell which animals were supposed to be who in the Russian Revolution. I thought the book got better as it went on. I’m glad we read it.

I hope we get to read more like this. I liked how once they over through jones they thought it was going to be all good, but they had a lot of problems they were facing. Once snowball was chased away that is where it took a major turn for the worse. Napoleon started lying and breaking the rules, but when he broke them he would change the rules so that he would technically still be following them. He still said men was the enemy, but he was trading supplies with them. My favorite part of the whole book was definitely the end. I thought it was so sad when they said you couldn’t tell the difference between pig and man. Even though it was sad I liked it.

I really liked the book, but I didn’t expect to. Anyone who has not read the book for class I recommend it!!

Black And White

In Lois Lowry’s book The Giver they do not see color. I can barely imagine a world without color. The photo used to be a beautiful sunset with bright snow. Now it’s all gray and colorless. This showed me the importance of color.

We need color in our life! It keeps everything interesting and more fun. Think about going to the beach and not seeing the bright sun or blue ocean, but seeing all gray or black and white. The photo shows dull mountains with a boring sky. I would much rather have the Orange/ yellow color of a sunset with white snow on the brown mountains. If color was taken away I would miss it all and I think everyone else would too.

We see color everywhere we go; whether it’s the green grass on your front yard or the red bricks on the school. I have and always will want color. I do not want to live in a world like Lowry’s book. A place in all black in white is not a place I want to live in.



I’m am so ready for summer to come. I am not sure how much longer I can wait for it. I’m ready for the warmer weather, no school, and everything else that comes along with summer. It is coming towards the end of school and I’m so excited!

One of my favorite parts about summer is how long it is! Most breaks are about 3 days-2 weeks, but summer is about 2.5 months. Not only does it give us time to do super fun stuff, but I think it helps me get ready for 8th grade in that long break. We can become more mature, so that will get us more prepared for our last year of westridge. I think all of us change all during those months. I look back at pictures of me and my friends from 6th grade and we look so young! We also dress very different now than we did before. I wonder what we will be like in 8th grade.

I am also so excited for summer, because I am going to Florida! I’m going for dance, so that makes it even better! I can’t wait for the warm beaches and fun dance competitions!!!! One thing we are going to do in Florida is Disney World! That might be what I am most excited about, because I have never been there before. I love roller coasters, so I am looking forward to riding a ton! My sister is coming and she wants to go to Harry Potter Land. I was never really a big fan of Harry Potter, but I’m sure it will be super fun!

Those are only some of the reasons summer is great! I have so many more. What do you like about summer?


It’s sometimes ok to break the rules, but we should all know when it’s ok to break them or not. The rules could be a big mistake or end up making a difference.

In life there are times when you should follow the rules; there are times to break them also. For example, Rosa Parks broke the rules by sitting and not moving when asked for her spot. She knew in that moment she had to disobey the rules. Without her taking that little step that lead to others standing up for segregation to end. Who knows where we would be without her doing that one thing. That is just one example, but many big changes have started with one rule being broken.

However, a lot of the times you should follow the rules. For instance, you don’t know the answer to a question on a test. That does not give you the right to cheat. Try your hardest to follow the rules;in a situation like cheating on a test you should know it’s not ok to disobey .

Without rules we would be living in chaos,people running around the streets stealing and breaking stuff, but if there were not people who broke them in a good way I cant imagine where we would be.

Why Waiting In Line At Theme Parks Is Horrible

Have you ever had to wait in line forever for a ride? You might be in the searing heat or the piercing cold. No matter what the conditions, are standing in line is usually not very fun.

One of the worst parts about standing in line is the weather. Sometimes you might get good weather, but most the time you don’t. You’re standing in line and heat kicks in. You are sweating and really need water, but you can’t get out of line. You finally get on the ride and it cools you off. Until you have to get off again. At the park, the rides are usually far apart. You could be walking around forever in the harsh weather. It’s all worth it though after you get on the ride and have fun.

Another bad part is sometimes you are unoccupied. You have nothing to do and are just plain bored. The lines can have tons of people in them or barely any. It’s of course better to have less so the line is faster, but when there is more people it can honestly be a little less boring. You can also have to stand really close to people if there is more people. That can be really awkward and not fun. The worst is when you have been waiting in line forever and something happens where they have to cancel the ride. So you just went through all that waiting and now the ride is cancelled.

You may be miserable waiting for the big roller coaster, but I’m sure you will have tons of fun on the real ride.

People Wear Masks In Different Ways

Have you ever worn mask? Was it to cover your face or your feelings? Masks can be worn in many different ways. Whether they are real or not.

Masks can be literal; people can cover themselves. On Halloween, you might see some exciting ones. You might find a scary Jason strolling down the street or maybe the hulk with his dark green face.  You might walk into a Marti Gras party and see many colorful masks. Maybe you were at a masquerade ball, a place with all kinds of masks, and some there. Although there might be a lot of fun reasons you can wear masks; You can wear real masks for protection also. You might be sitting in a hospital when you see surgeons roll by saving some one and protecting themselves at the same time. You might even hear about a soldier who wears a mask to keep themselves from being harmed. No matter is you are wearing a mask for fun or protection they can be fun.

However, some masks are figurative. They can hide someone’s real personality or real feelings. Someone who is sad might cover it up with a smile. You might go up to them and say something and they answer happy, but you know they are sad. You might answer the phone and be in a bad mood, but talk in a cheery voice. I think that we all have worn a figurative mask at some point.

I think we have all worn both kinds of masks. It might be a master face or a smile. Think about all the masks you have worn in your life. Were they for fun, protection, or to hide the real things?

Why Colorado is the Best Place to go

Smooth snow, warm fires, tall mountains- all the great things about Colorado. Colorado is one of the best vacations ever. You will have fun no matter what you do.

One of the best things is the slopes. Whether your a beginner skier or have been skiing all your life, it’s impossible not to have fun on the slopes. For more experienced skiers the mogels are really fun. You fly down the hill and start to get closer and closer to the bumps. Jolting up and down until you reach the smooth part of the snow. You can also try a green square pass. The square means it’s easier.its very relaxing as you roll over the icy surface not having to worry about anything. From the moment you get off the ski lift and your feet hit the ground you’ll have smile on your face.

However, another great thing is the people. I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere else where the people are so nice to strangers. You may fall down on the hill and some one skiing by will stop and help you up. If you have to ask for directions I don’t think you will get ignored by random people. You may even have different people come up to you at once to tell you. If you want a family photo you won’t have to ask a million times to get a volunteer to take it for you. I love Colorado for so many reasons especially including this one.

Even if you hate the cold you might learn to like it just because your in Colorado. You’ll love everything about it!! So if your looking for a great, fun, and nice place to vacation try Colorado. You will have tons of fun and never run out of things to do!

Why Summertime is the Best

No more school, hang out with friends, get away from the tests-just a few perks of summer break. Two and half months of never ending fun! My favorite time of the year…SUMMER!

One of my favorite things is the lake. Jumping off the dock is my personal favorite. Counting down from 3 with your friends. Screaming as you fly downward into the water. You feel the plants at the bottom touch your toes. Then coming out above the surface and floating while you wait for everyone else to meet you there. The only bad part about it is having to leave the lake! Swimming in lake is just more fun when you know its summer!!!

Another great thing about summer is that you get to sleep in! You can stay in bed without having to worry about getting ready for school. No one will usually care when you get up and it is such a relief from waking up early for school. Overall summer is just great and sleeping in is just one of the reasons.

I can not wait for summer. I feel likes it’s been years since the last time we were on summer break. There are so many reasons that summer is great!

Story Writing

In English this week we wrote stories in are groups. They had to be about a basketball game that was tied with seconds left. I think my group worked well together and here is what we came up with:

I look at the clock and see three numbers. 29-29, 7 seconds. On the last play, the other teams tall center made an easy layup.

I see the point guard look at me. I glance around me. Only to realize that I’m completely open. No defense in sight. I see the point guards hand extend in my direction. Oh no, not me! I’ve only made to shots all season, and both were right under the basket. I’m behind the three point line, I can’t even make these kind of shots in practice. The basketball hits me hard, and I stumble back even further. Should I shoot? I could pass to my teammate in the elbow, but he is guarded good.

I hear my coach and most of the crowd yelling, ‘shoot, shoot!” I guess I have no choice. The ball leaves my hands. The crowd goes silent as the ball circles the hoop. It’s rolls into the net. I stand frozen as my teammates crowd around me saying, “we won!” I did I actually did it.