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Story Writing

In English this week we wrote stories in are groups. They had to be about a basketball game that was tied with seconds left. I think my group worked well together and here is what we came up with:

I look at the clock and see three numbers. 29-29, 7 seconds. On the last play, the other teams tall center made an easy layup.

I see the point guard look at me. I glance around me. Only to realize that I’m completely open. No defense in sight. I see the point guards hand extend in my direction. Oh no, not me! I’ve only made to shots all season, and both were right under the basket. I’m behind the three point line, I can’t even make these kind of shots in practice. The basketball hits me hard, and I stumble back even further. Should I shoot? I could pass to my teammate in the elbow, but he is guarded good.

I hear my coach and most of the crowd yelling, ‘shoot, shoot!” I guess I have no choice. The ball leaves my hands. The crowd goes silent as the ball circles the hoop. It’s rolls into the net. I stand frozen as my teammates crowd around me saying, “we won!” I did I actually did it.