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Why Summertime is the Best

No more school, hang out with friends, get away from the tests-just a few perks of summer break. Two and half months of never ending fun! My favorite time of the year…SUMMER!

One of my favorite things is the lake. Jumping off the dock is my personal favorite. Counting down from 3 with your friends. Screaming as you fly downward into the water. You feel the plants at the bottom touch your toes. Then coming out above the surface and floating while you wait for everyone else to meet you there. The only bad part about it is having to leave the lake! Swimming in lake is just more fun when you know its summer!!!

Another great thing about summer is that you get to sleep in! You can stay in bed without having to worry about getting ready for school. No one will usually care when you get up and it is such a relief from waking up early for school. Overall summer is just great and sleeping in is just one of the reasons.

I can not wait for summer. I feel likes it’s been years since the last time we were on summer break. There are so many reasons that summer is great!

The Bus Tour

The Bus Tour is a fun thing that kids from a church group put on for middle schoolers. You get a ticket, and then you go and get on the bus. They take you to different places and it is so fun!!!

This year we are going to Main Event and Jumpstreet. I’m so excited, because my fiends will be there and I love Main Event and Jumpstreet! The thing I love about Main Event is there is so much to do! What I love about Jumpstreet is you can tumble and do lots of flips!

It was so fun last year, and will probably be a blast this year!!!