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Goals in Dance

In dance you are constantly trying to get better. You practice and stretch and rehearse. Usually when you practice over and over that means you are working at one certain move. It might take a while, but if you really want to get it then you should keep trying! Dance is a sport where if you work hard enough you can be improving all the time. It is so fun to learn new moves and work on them. I know that if you see a dancer you want to be like it can make you try harder.

Every dancer usually has one famous/well-known dancer that they strive to be like. The person is usually different for everyone. I know that I have one person in particular who inspires me to try harder.

The person is Maddie Ziegler. She is on the show Dancemoms and was in 2 of Sia’s music videos. She is so fun to watch onstage, because she really puts emotions into her dancing. She has won many awards for her dancing and is very famous! I hope I can be as great as her great someday. I know I will never be better. If you click this sentence you can watch one of her solos.