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Not So Good Memory

Me and my cousin were at my grandmas house. We decided to play hide and seek. She went and counted;I heard her voice as it got closer and closer to 100. I’m running out of time! I run under the piano and hear the “ready or not hear I come.” I scoot as far back as I can under the piano.

I watch her feet run around looking for me. I think she is going to give up. She stops in front of the piano as she leaned down and said “found you,” in a proud of herself kind of voice. “Took you long enough,” I say. I stand up from the under the piano as my knee glides against the sharp edge of the piano leg. I look down expecting to see a minor cut. All I see is my knee gushing blood. Everyone rushes over as I begin to yell. The blood now all over the white carpet. I look at my knee trying not to scream.

I still have the scar from playing hide and seek 6 years ago. I’m never going under that piano again.