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The Nutcracker

This year the Nutcracker was great. I performed as a soldier and a spanish dancer. When I stepped onstage I was nervous,but I never messed up to bad. This was one the best years I think. All the shows were sold out!

I had a lot of family come to watch me. My cousin and aunt came and the little boy loved it. He went around after and got all the autographs. It was so cute!

I think that this is the best Nutcracker ever. It was my favorite year. I got to be in the parade where we run through the audience! I hope that everyone came to see it!

Nutcracker Spectacular

In September Alisa’s Dance Academy holds auditions for the Nutcracker Spectacular! I Auditioned for it. It is going to be my second year performing in it. The audition went great and I think I did very well. When I looked at the results I was very happy to see that got the parts soldier and Spanish!! The are great parts and I’m so excited to perform them onstage. I went to the performance in 4th grade never thinking I would be in it! Tickets are on sale! All the dancers are putting a lot of hard work into this performance, I hope you will come see it!