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Celebration West Ridge

Celebration West ridge was a blast! I had so much fun hanging out with my friends and playing games.
One of my favorite parts was the hamster ball. Even though there was a long line for it it was worth it. We got to go in it with two people if we wanted so I went in with my friend. We kept falling over, but it was still really fun! Another fun thing was the pumpkin thing where it spun you around. You had to turn a wheel to make it spin, but after a little bit of spinning we all wanted OUT. It made us really nauseous. Luckily they let us out when we said we wanted out.
One bad thing was the long lines! I did not like waiting in them. I was boring and really hot outside, so no one wanted to be stuck in a line! I don’t know if this year was better than the last. They were both really fun! I thought Celebration West ridge was so fun! What did you think?