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Sally at College

My sister Sally is at college. I miss her a lot and wish I got to see her more often. She is my bestfriend and we have always have been. I cant wait for her to come home!!! We don’t have the same Spring Break anymore so she cant come with us.:(((

She is at UVA. She really far away, but I know she loves it there. She made a lot of friends and I hope I get to meet them someday. She is the smartest of all the kids in my family, so i’m not surprised she got into such a good school. She was going to go to U.T. at first, but then she got the email that she was no longer deferred from UVA. When we went on our college tour for Sally UVA was the only school I did not tour with them.

Even though she is far away I’m glad she went to Virginia. She loves it there!!