The Hawaiian air smelled like fruit punch.

Which tasted so good, like going to Hollywood.

I could hear the volcano rumbling, like stomachs on thanksgiving day.

You could see the people dancing, like butterflies in the spring.

When you surf, you can feel the waves beneath you

The Hawaiian air smelled like fruit punch…


I picked this photo because I myself have a dog. My dog gets in a lot of fights but never actually fights. At the last second he will run away and hide behind me. The only time he will actually fight is if the dog is smaller than him. And even then he some how manages to lose.

Hunger Games Mockingjay

The book I am reading is called Hunger Games, and it is the third book of the series called mockingjay. The setting is in two different places, each one for half the book. The first setting was the bunker in district thirteen where she was hiding from the capitol. The second setting was in the capitol when she was on her mission to first film a propo to show the rebellion to give them hope, but her commander dies so it turns into a real mission to kill president snow. A short description of the plot would be that the districts are rebelling against the capitol to get freedom from their evil grasp. So katniss has to be filmed as the star of the rebellion, the Mockingjay, so the rebellion will get hope and finally take down the capitols reign. Katniss insists on going to capitol to fight but a lot of people die. In the end they win the war and katniss finally settles down with Peeta in the rebuilt district 12.

6th Grade Art Class

Last year in 6th grade for 6th period I had an art class that was the best. Not because we could talk all we wanted, but because of a certain student whose name I am not allowed to say. Every single time he would talk he got in trouble. For instance if me and my friends were screaming at the top of our lungs and he was whispering, he would get in trouble which was hilarious for us but not so hilarious for him. Once a friend of mine broke his clay sculpture, so the kid asked my friend what was wrong with him, and he immediately got sent to another table with a referral which was kind of unnecessary, oh by the way the friend of mine who broke the kids clay sculpture got in no trouble.