Swimming is one of my all time favorite sports. I have been doing  it since I was 8 yrs old. I think that it has good exercise and technique practice. Each of my practices, are 1 hr and 30 mins long, with 30 mins of excercising on land. I think it is just the right…

ISR Assignment

This book is called Ender’s Shadow and it is written by Orson Scott Card. It is about a kid named Andrew Wiggins. He prefers himself to be called “Ender”. I just started BTW.  He apparently lives in a adopted family, but he is way smarter than all of them. In fact, he is an abnormal…

This is the Yanny and Laurel Theory

It’s a deep explanation about the trend that happened a few months ago. If you’re a hopeless person that is super bias to either side, then don’t watch this video. It’s pretty good. If you want to learn more, go to this site.

Random Stuff Today

Today I had a pretty boring day. I seriously just want to write about this for no apparent reason. I went to math and learned the usual stuff, then in Latin in we had a sub. Band is always fun. Robotics was unusually very enthusiastic today. Social Studies is 👌, and science was boring today….