The Battle Cats cont.

So if you read the last blog post you should know what this is about. (The title also says it by the way) If you haven’t read the last blog post do it here NOW!

Let’s start with another category: counter cards
There are 13 types of enemies. Here is a list of the weakest to strongest types of enemies: white, red, floating, event, collaboration event, zombie, black, metal, shock wave, alien, and finally CRAZED! You get to fight all of them in different section of the game. Some of the enemies you fight become you characters if you beat the level the enemy appeared.

I personally am on the 2nd chapter of the first book. There are 3 chapters in every book, and there are 3 books. Each book has a different storyline. The first book’s storyline is about when humanity falls and Cats take over the world while fighting all the other animals. The second book is about when after the Battle Cats take over the world, aliens come and help the other animals take back the world. The third book is the event book were you find all sorts of different storylines in random stories.

This is all I’m going to go over today. You should really download The Battle Cats.

The Battle Cats

So again I will talk about a video game. *sigh* This time I will be talking about “The Battle Cats”!

Battle Cats is a Strategy and Tower Defense (TD) game. The point of the game is to spawn cats and defeat the enemy tower. You have you own tower that has a dear train health that you can upgrade and it’s the place the cats you spawn. You get the cats you use in battle by getting cat capsules. There are 2 types of capsules: common and rare. You get a common capsule everyday you log into the game, and you get a rare capsule sometimes when they have a special event or just when you randomly log on.

There are 5 catergories of cats: normal, special, rare, super rare, and uber super rare (the best). You receive normal type cats in common capsules and you usually receive rare in rare capsules, but you have the chance of getting super rares and uber super rares.

There are a lot more things that you need to know about this game if you want to start playing, but I don’t have the time to do it all in this blog post so go read the next blog post, or you can just simply go here.

It’s their website.

Bombing KSC

So this week I have watched a lot of youtube videos about Kerbal Space Program, in which they all include bombing or destroying KSC–Kerbal Space Command, the VAB–Vehicle Assembly Building, the SH–Spaceplane Hanger.

All the videos I have seen are either in vanilla KSP or adding some kind of bomb or missile mod. The mods include things such as: ICBMs, Cruise Missiles, Rocket Propelled Bombs, etc. These mods are helpful because the missiles and bombs are self guided, which mean they are more accurate. But to get these mods I would have to go online and download these mods, which might be viruses instead of the actual mod.

Then there are the vanilla KSP bombs and missiles which are generally not that good. They have flaws like: uncontrolled targeting, flying off in random directions, hitting your plane and killing yourself. There is a way to make them more stable by adding tiny rocket boosters at the side so that it gives the missile spin. The bombs are easy to make in vanilla. You just need to add a bunch of liquid fuel tanks and it will work.

So after I looked at the difference of mods or no mods I think I am going to use no mods to bomb KSC.

A Mun Base

So this time I want to talk about building a base on the Mun (Kerbal Space Program’s version of the moon) I am going to follow this video. This video is made by Scott Manley one of the best youtubers on KSP.

What I want to do on the Mun is to have a base where I can stock up on fuel and electricity before I lauch into deep space. And it would be fun because it would challenge me to the hard engineering of KSP. I would set up something like a separate runway for spaceplanes, a place for living, a place to experiment with thing not on Kerbin, the Earth of KSP. It would allow me to send a probe out of the solar system easier, because teh probe wouldn’t have to spend as much fuel on getting out of Kerbin’s atmosphere. It would be a fun place to be for the Kerbals and it would get me the achievement of getting to the Mun for the first time.

This is why I think I should set up a base on the Mun.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program or KSP for short is a game where you build rockets and spaceplanes. If you didn’t know spaceplanes are just planes that fly to space like the name suggests.


What I like to do in KSP is to make a really big rocket and carry as much fuel as possible while still allowing it to lift off and crash it into a mountain. The other thing a like to do is to actually build a normal rocket and fly it into space. Most of my rockets are either made completely by me or I copied them from Jacksepticeye’s KSP playlist. Jacksepticeye is a youtuber that does random gaming videos. I love how the physics in the game are so much like real life physics.

This pretty much explained why I love Kerbal Space Program.

My Poem

The River

the river
flows flush
through the
vibrant sunset

the river
glows glamorously
through the
moonlit night

the river
is the source
of all life
of everything

the river
The River.

Author’s note: I like the flow of the verses I added. I also like the shift of the poem. I hope that the readers will understand why I made the last stanza stand out.

History essay

Why Texas almost failed as a Spanish Colony

Have you ever wondered why texas almost failed as a Spanish Colony? In this essay you will figure it out! the spanish were in Mexico around 1777. They had really bad control of texas. Texas nearly failed because of 3 Reasons. The 3 reasons are: hostile natives, geography issues, and mission problems.

Reason 1

The first reason texas almost failed as a spanish colony is because of geographic issues. The issues were the texas triangle, no water, and no people. This is from doc A. Another reason is that there was shallow water, which made there be no ports, so no boats, and at last no supplies. Also from doc A. This is important because if there are no supplies people don’t want to settle there because life would be hard. That way there were no people settling texas which made it a failure of an settlement.

Reason 2

The second reason Texas almost failed as a spanish Colony is because of the hostile natives that lived there. The Indians outnumbered the settlers 23,000 to 3,000. This is from doc d. Over the years of the settlements indians raided ranches and killed settlers, with the indians that lived near them. ANlso from doc d. The de la luz mission was destroyed by the karankawa indians. this is from Doc c. This evidence proved that texas almost failed because the indians attack the settlements so that they couldn’t thrive ( they were barely even surviving ) .

Reason 3

The third reason texas almost failed as a spanish colony is because of the mission problems. The missions problems are that they have no supplies stated in reason 1. Doc A. Another reason is from reason 2, that they kept on getting attacked by the indians. Doc d. These are the reasons from the different paragraphs that state why Texas almost failed as a spanish colony.


There were other reasons that help explain spain’s failure. One of these, for example, was that the missions converted no indians, and they stayed hostile. Doc c. These are reasons that state why texas was an near failure. Why the story of spain’s near failure to develop texas is important, is because that way they pay more attention to texas because they don’t want to lose that territory.

Tanki Post #2

So this blog post is going to continue on from the last blog post about Tanki. Last time I talked about the guns in Tanki like Railgun, Twin, and Smoky. If you haven’t read my last blog post you should go check it out here.

This time I am going to talk about the hulls in Tanki. The hulls I am going to talk about are: Mammoth, Wasp, and Viking. Hulls are the main part of the tank that the gun is mounted on. Mammoth is a fairly slow, high hit point (hp) type of hull. That makes it really good for people that like to just sit in the middle of the battlefield, and shoot everyone. Wasp is a super fast hulls which makes it have low hp or it would become too OP(overpowered). Wasp is good for people that like to run in and out of the battlefield and use Railgun to one shot a lot of weaker people. Viking is a hull that is partly tanky, partly speedy. This is the best hull is my opinion for the average person.

This is all I’m going to go over this week, so you can come back next week and read more about Tanki.

Tanki Online

One the games I love to Play is Tanki. It is a game about tanks. You drive around in a tank and try to shoot everyone not on your team and try to kill them.

In the game there are a lot of different weapons like Railgun, smoky, Twin. Railgun is a high damage, slow reload gun, which is good for the one-shot kill. Twin is the exact opposite of Railgun. It has a reload time so fast that it can just keep on shooting forever without overheating, but because of that Twin does really low damage. My personal favorite gun is Smoky because it’s a mix of Twin and Railgun. Smoky has a fairly fast reload time, plus it does pretty good damage.

Also in the game there are different types of hulls but we will go over that in another blog post. These are then reasons why I love to play Tanki.

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