An Open Letter to Incoming 7th Graders


Dear Incoming 7th Graders,

Next year you will be going into your second year of middle school, the 7th grade. I had a great experience going through 7th grade and so will you; however, that doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park. I would like to gift to you some of my personal experience and advice that will both enrich and make easier the next two semesters of your middle school life.

I would first like to start of with this suggestion, don’t put off work. Take blogging for example, don’t wait until the middle of the week before you even start thinking about it; instead start during the weekends by thinking about what you’re going to write. Putting off work makes it even harder for you to do it. You end up turning stuff in late if you wait to do what you are suppose to– Most 7th grader teachers will deduct point for late work without thinking twice. Bottom line if you have the time and ability to do something just do it.

One skill that I think is very helpful for 7th grade and the rest of your life is typing. Knowing how to type and type fast is extremely helpful; it not only saves time but is less strenuous on the fingers. An example of the benefits of typing was in Latin class. During the beginning of the last school year I mostly hand wrote the translations need for the class, this usually took me 30 minutes, then, I began to type my translations and the time it took decreased from 30 minute to 20 minutes or even 15. If I couldn’t of typed fast I would of wasted many hours writing things such as blog posts, translations, and even science projects. Learn how to type, you won’t regret it, and if you already know how to might as well get faster.

Another piece of advice is arguably the most important, managing your time. In 7th grade you will have more options in classes such as athletics, foreign languages, and a variety of electives: Robotics, teen skills, fine arts. This increase in electives results in more homework along with your core classes giving you more homework. If you don’t properly manage your time you can end up with late work, more stress, and less free time. But if you do properly manage your time you will turn in work on time, be less stressed, and have plenty of free time. One good way to manage your time is to not put off work(Wow! That’s exactly what the second paragraph said). Another good way is to maximize your time during Wildcat Time and lunch; I even wrote part of this letter during Wildcat Time. If you properly manage your time you will begin to feel like 7th grade is a walk in the park.

Whether you listen to this advice is up to you. Nevertheless I am confident that you will enjoy your 7th grade year. I hope if you took my advice that it will help you have a better 7th grade year.

Best of luck,
Albert Li



This is the open letter that I wrote for English class. An open letter is a letter address to someone but is also intended to be read by the public. I decided to write the letter to incoming 7th graders in hope that it will help them.

Six Flags

Last Friday the orchestra, band and choir went on an all day trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. For orchestra we had to wake up at 4:30 since Ms. Compton wanted to go early to the Six Flags. Most of us got to WRMS at 4:30 but we didn’t leave until 5. Finally five o’clock came and we were off. Then I fell asleep.

When I awoke from my slumber I was at the competition place; I forgot what the competition was called so no hyperlink, sorry :(. We played then we left. Nothing special really happened. Finally we were going to Six Flags.

At Six Flags the first ride I went on was the Iron Rattler. It was okay but since I already rode it and I was in the back I wasn’t really blown away. Next I went to the Superman; now this is a roller coaster you can ride multiple times and not get boring. I rode this ride twice. After the Superman I went to the Poltergeist. There were many roller coasters that I rode: Road Runner Express, Bugs’ White Water RapidsPandemoniumGully Washer, Scream, Goliath and many more. My fovorite rides were Poltergeist because of the speed and how close the ride felt to your head.

Around 3 to 4 o’clock the trip began to get boring. This is because I had ridden all the rides I wanted to and the lines for the ones I wanted to go one were simply way to long. So I just went inside and talked to my friends.

Finally 5:45 arrived and it was time to go home. Much like the ride going to Six Flags I fell asleep(more like half sleep because to tired to stay conscious). Then I arrived at West Ridge and proceeded to go home. Overall the trip was pretty fun and I enjoyed it but at the end it kind of got boring.


April Showers Bring May Flowers

The weather was calm, but April could see the oncoming storm in the edge of her vision. The trees swayed in the breeze; as if to state the inevitability of the oncoming torrents of water and wind. As she began to head toward her house she thought of the animals– she had not seen another living thing in days.  The wind seem to increase its intensity. All other living things had evacuated her little patch of land as they probably new what was coming. April, however, did not know of this and this could not be stopped.

The rain seemed to become more violent in its onslaught on her homestead. Thump, thump, thump… She felt the wind pull her up and lift her body off the ground. She felt the rain hit her cold face. She felt like she was already gone.

When the storm had settled, April Showers was no longer. But in her place stood a small child named May. May Flowers





This was a writer’s notebook entry. We were suppose to use weather to set a mood for a third person narrative and since it was spring I thought: Why not do rain. This lead to me thinking about the saying, April showers brings May flowers, and what if I did a story about that but April was a person. So I wrote this short story about April Showers’ death that brought May Flowers.


My jello
Ready to be
In the sea
Of my belly.
Like jelly
You flow
And go
Oh no!
I did not
Chew you lot.





This is a poem I wrote a long time ago; I wrote it around September. This poem is not only a poem about gelatin, but also a poem that can be interpreted as a metaphor for life. The last two lines represent a regret of not living life to the fullest and not living for the moment. The first couple of lines are suppose to be about not cherishing each moment. I had to intention of having this poem have deeper meaning and the deeper meaning I did pull out of it is mearly something I made up to make the poem “cooler” or “deeper”. Also, I need something for the author’s note.

Why I’m Exicted for Spring Break

Spring Break is coming in a few weeks. I can’t wait for it. Here are reasons why I’m excited.

One reason I’m excited is the chance to sleep in. In Spring Break you can sleep until 10. In Spring Break you can sleep in until you feel like getting up, staying in bed until you get bored. This gives you a chance to rest up after a long 9 weeks of school. In Spring Break you can sleep in until you feel like getting up. Spring Break is an oasis in a desert of school.

Another reason I’m excited for Spring Break is the free time. During school I usually don’t have that much free time to spend for myself. However during Spring Break I have plenty of free time with the whole day to myself. This free time allows me to do more of the stuff I like. I can play more video games during Spring Break; sometimes to much. I can work on projects for school without pressure. I can do a lot of stuff with the free time Spring Break affords me.

I like Spring Break. It allows me to sleep in and it gives me more free time. I’m really excited for Spring Break.


I’m not the most athletic. The only thing I’m kinda of good at in sports is running. So now that basketball is over track is starting.

On the first day of track we ran the 3/4 mile. My time was 5:07. This time is okay since I’m not the best at long distance races such as the 1600m and 2400m. We had to run the 3/4 mile on the grass since the girls had the track that day. Since we were on the grass the run had some uphill slopes and turn. These “obstacles” didn’t really get in the way. The thing that really slowed a lot of people down was that they didn’t tell us we were running a 3/4 mile so a lot of people paced themselves like they were going a full mile — causing a lot of sprinting at the end.

Today we ran the 100m. Now this is a race I’m decent at. I got 13.3 seconds. I might of been able to go faster if i went against actually competition in my race. I got easy people in my race so I won easily. This race is definitely my favorite.

Tomorrow we are going to run the 200m which I’m okay at. Then the next day after that we run the 400m: the worst race. After that we do normal track practice.

Overall I’m excited for track season. I hope it will be fun and give me a challenge.

Why the Prequel Trilogy is Just Absolutely the Worst

I love Star Wars, the more deep than you think characters, special effects that still look realistic in 2017, and the plot and story telling.  However not all Star Wars movies are created equal. The Prequels (Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith) were just not the best.

First of all the character arcs and developments are very weak. For example in the Revenge of the Sith Anakin’s character development is going from an arrogant brat who slices up droids to an arrogant brat who slices up children. In comparison take Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi he goes from a nigh invincible and unstoppable and non-compassionate rebel killing machine to being beaten, on the ground and saving his son. This weak character development makes you care less about big changes in a character. Take Anakin’s change to Darth Vader I just couldn’t care less since I didn’t get any of his thoughts during the movie besides “I hate the Jedi” and “I need to save Padme“. This lessens his character change and just makes me count the minutes and second until he falls into lava and becomes my favorite character in the movies.

Another reason the Prequels suck is the freak of nature, born from the hate and darkness of the world, embodiment of evil himself, Jar Jar Binks. He just does not need to be there. He is made just to appeal to a younger audience; so basically to get them more money. He also gets in the way of decent set pieces; take for instance the Battle of Naboo, in this battle you go from 3 different set pieces, in space, the Darth Maul fight in the palace, and the Gungan army battling the droid army. Jars Jars sheer presence in these intense battle absolutely kills the mood going from an intense fight to a clown fooling around. However if Lucas went with his original plan to make him a Sith lord I would love his character, but he chickened out and Jar Jar is just another one of the prequels many mistakes.

These are just some of the many mistakes the Prequels are filled to the brim with. If you think the Prequels are bad feel free to comment why you think that and if you think that the Prequels are the best also comment why you think incorrectly. The Prequels aren’t totally bad. They just compare really poorly to the rest of the movies.

Title for Star Wars Episode 8 and What it Means

The title for the next Star Wars was revealed yesterday. The title is Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

First of all I would like to mention that the pulral of Jedi is Jedi. It could refer to multiple “Last Jedi”. Also I would like to say that the titles of the Star Wars movies have always been very literal: Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Revenge of the Sith. I think that the Last Jedi refers to Luke most likely, however it could also refer to Rey. The reason I think it refers to Luke is that many times in the movies Luke is refered to as the last of the Jedi. Another possibility that other people put up is that it is Kylo Ren. I personally think this is very unlikely. I think this because  in the Force Awakens Snoke says that Kylo Ren need to return to complete his training. Also in the Force Awakens novelization Kylo Leaves Starkilller base to where Snoke is.

Overall I think this title could of been a little more creative but it’s okay. Judging from the Force Awakens you would of thought it would be called The First Order Strike Back. I hope this movie will be a little more creative and risky than the Force Awakens. If you have any ideas about the meaning of the title feel free to comment your idea.

Blog Experience

This blog post will be about my experience about blogging during the first semester. Woah, a blog post about blogging blog posts. So meta, not really. In this post I will be reflecting on my experience blogging: Coming up with ideas, writing about them, etc.

I would like to first comment about how much we had to post. I personally think one post per week is perfectly reasonable and I managed to fufill this requirement every week. I feel like this amount is just right and does not need an increase or decrease.

Coming up with the idea of the blog post is probably the hardest part. However having a week to come up with the idea allowed me to get an idea. Also sometimes Mrs. Kriese had writing suggestions; when the elections happened she suggest to write about our reaction. We also had our writer’s notebook to draw ideas from, but I didn’t use this that much and I can count the number of times I used an idea from my notebook on one hand. Still even with all of these inspirations that I had access to coming up with the idea for the blog post was the hardest thing.

Writing however was very easy for me. Once I had the idea down writing came easy for me. Take this blog post for example; I spent most of my time think about the topic and the actual writing was very easy. Writing is comes easily.

Overall I say that blogging is a fun and enjoyable experience. I learned alot about my writing by blogging. I am looking forward to continuing blogging for the next semester.

Bah Humbug!

In English class we are reading The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. In this book, which I certain you all know, the main character Scrooge likes to say a certain phrase, “Bah humbug!”.  This is a phrase he uses to use show his distaste particularly for Christmas.

However, this blog post is not about Scrooge , The Christmas Carol, or any other character in that book, this blog post is about what makes be go “Bah humbug!” about the holidays. For me take is consumerism, the constant buy, buy, buy spirit of the holidays. Even though I like giving presents and more receiving them I feel that now this is too much, overpowering the main focus of the holidays. This aspect of the holidays says that you should be out shopping instead of spending time with family, that giving gifts is the only way to celebrate the holidays when really the “true meaning” of the holidays is to spend time with family and friends and the gift giving is only used to accentuate the time spent with family.

This issue can be solved easily with just remembering. Remebering why you buy gifts, not just for giving, but to make the time you spend with your family and friend better.