Advice For Middle Schoolers

Do your Homework- I hate homework. Homework is made to torment kids when they are out of school, and enjoying there life. But it is highly recommended by me to do your homework. When you don’t do your homework don’t be surprised when a teacher comes along, and slaps zeros in the grade book.

Don’t talk back- Just don’t do it. It is pointless, and it will do nothing. Talking back to a teacher just gets you in a deeper hole.

Be in avanced math- Unless you are lazy, and don’t what to do any work, and basically have everyone above of you go ahead and do it. It will only hurt you in the long run.

That’s basically it, middle school is not as bad as it sounds. Just try your best, and you will do fine.


School is about out,
And summer is almost here,
Summer is so close
But oh so far,

The school days are numbered,
The days of homework,
And test,
Are almost gone,

Summer is almost here.


You will always face obstacles in your life. When you come across a obstacle you should fight your way through it.

In life there will be everyday obstacles. For example, homework.You might think homework is pointless, and made to make you miserable ,but it’s suppose to help you. To succeed you must overcome little obstacles to become successful. Also, there can be larger obstacles that you need to overcome like test. If you go of daydreaming, and you don’t do your best you will fail. If you give it all you got you will most likely pass. Every time you might through a obstacle you will learn something and most likely be succesful.

Obstacle help you reach greatness. If we aren’t faced with obstacles we would never learn anything. There are all sorts of obstacles you will have to fight in life. When you try your best you will learn something ,and you will be successful.




United States Flag on the Moon




Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne’er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the purple Host
Who took the Flag today
Can tell the definition
So clear of Victory

As he defeated–dying–
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Burst agonized and clear!

By: Emily Dickinson

Explain how you have to have the want to succeed. If you don’t have the want it will never success will happen. Without people eager to succeed nothing will happen in this world.

3 Places to Visit in Texas

In Texas there are many things to do. You can spend a day on the beach, you can go hiking in the mountains, and you can explore the cities.Chihuahan Range Karen via Compfight

In the western parts of Texas you venture into the mountains. In the mountains you can enjoy beautiful scenery, and be calmed by the peace.

Big Bend National Park Info

 Au bout du chemin la plage / Down the road the beach Guy Le Page via Compfight

If you like fishing the Gulf of Mexico is the place for you. There are many different kinds of fish in the gulf  that can easily be caught. Also if you’re more laid back you can take a beach day.

Info on Texas Beaches


Austin Skyline, 2016 Dave Wilson via Compfight

If you’re more of a city person you can visit Austin Texas. In Austin there are many thing to do, you can see the state capital, walk Lady Bird Lake, you can enjoy the night life.

Things to do in Austin


Helping Other

Help… Without it when world would be filled with darkness ,and hate. Helping others gives the world light ,and happiness.

By helping others we make the world a better place. For example, if someone has cancer, we all come together and help that someone. Without help this man/woman would die in horrible pain. With help this person is given love ,and hope. That love and hope will spread across the world making it a better place.

Also, by helping others you will get help ,and love in return. When you hold a door open for someone you will get a thank you. If you don’t hold a door open for someone ,and slam it in there face. You will most likely hey hate in return. If you do the right thing almost alway will you get something in return.

Whether it’s at the grocery store, or you gas station you should always help someone out in need. That help will spread hope, love ,and light across this world.

Candidates for 2016 Election

I think all of the Democratic candidates ,or all the ones I’ve seen would be a horrible president. The Republican candidates are ok ,but they aren’t great.

Let’s start with Hillary Clinton. I think she lies for example the time when she said her family went broke when her husband got out of office. Also, I think she would get us more debt. Sanders is a bad speaker ,and he would bring down the economy. He would bring down the economy by taxing business ,and those business would go to a country where the taxes are cheaper.

The Republican front runner Donald Trump has a big business going ,but he will probably get us all killed by starting WW3. The reason for most Americans liking him is because of their anger for what is going on right now. Ted Cruz would be ok I haven’t really read much about him.

Who knows, maybe one of those candidates will be elected and do good in the office.


Technology is reliable and helpful for some people. For me it treats me like dirt.

For example, when I use Google. The blue bar is so close to the other side of the screen. Then something shows up that makes me very unhappy. I read, “error cannot connect to server”. I make sure I’m connected to the server ,and I try again. Normally it works on the second try ,but sometimes it doesn’t…

Personally I think it’s my iPad because on all my apps that don’t use Internet it is slow. That’s one thing that really makes me hate iPads. Also, when I’m doing a update normally something will go wrong. For example, when I’m updating my iPad somehow I lose wifi ,and when that happens I corrupt all my data in other words I lose all my saved files.

Basically technology makes my work harder.

Christmas Break

I didn’t do much over the break. For me the break was very restful ,enjoyable and peaceful. Here are some of the things I did.

For most of the break I watched T.V. I watched the Star Wars series over the break ,and watched some other random movies. I got to sleep in on the break which was awesome. Also, I got to play video games ,and visit with family. My family went to East Texas to visit with family and we had a big feast for Christmas dinner. At the meal was turkey, mashed potatoes, lots of carols and a lots of others food. For dessert there was pies and brownies.

That’s what I did for Christmas break.

School device

What school device do you think we should have next year? I think we should get laptops to replace the iPads here are my reasoning.

Laptops have a lot storage space ,so that means you can have more stuff on your device. Also it has a keyboard and that will make it a lot easier to type stuff on your device. Laptops will reduce loading times when you are searching stuff up ,and it will prevent people from downloading games.

Here are some down sides. The laptop is much bigger than the iPad ,and it will take up a lot of space on your desk. Also you loss the ability of touch screen which the iPad has. Lastly they are much heavier than the iPad.