Technology is reliable and helpful for some people. For me it treats me like dirt.

For example, when I use Google. The blue bar is so close to the other side of the screen. Then something shows up that makes me very unhappy. I read, “error cannot connect to server”. I make sure I’m connected to the server ,and I try again. Normally it works on the second try ,but sometimes it doesn’t…

Personally I think it’s my iPad because on all my apps that don’t use Internet it is slow. That’s one thing that really makes me hate iPads. Also, when I’m doing a update normally something will go wrong. For example, when I’m updating my iPad somehow I lose wifi ,and when that happens I corrupt all my data in other words I lose all my saved files.

Basically technology makes my work harder.

One thought on “Technology…

  1. My iPad frustrates me, too. Grading work on these older devices can be a slow process, and I look forward to getting new devices for next year!
    Are you hoping middle schoolers will get new iPads, or do you hope for laptops?

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