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Fenrir and Alexa

One day i was challenged to fight Fenrir. So i was on my way with my weapons and 10 fingers when Grendel popped out of nowhere! I Grabbed a flashlight and shined it in the creatures eyes. He hissed and then i slapped his jiggly face and ran! I ran until I couldn’t see him anymore, but then i stopped before i fell in the pits of Valhalla. I looked up and Fenrir looked at me and i screamed. No way could i do this. So i started throwing swords at him, lots of them! He just growled and tried to bite my head off! So then i grabbed him by the ear and swung myself on top of him. I grabbed a sword to puncture his eyes when he through me off of him and i fell into the middle of the earth and died.

I Love Halloween


I smelled candy and saw decorations

We pretty much stopped at every location

I knew my choice wouldn’t be healthy  

But boy that candy made me feel wealthy


I ran from house to house real fast

And grabbed handfuls of candy so it would last

They would yell But I wouldn’t listen

Soon all the candy would be missin’


The trees danced As the wind blew

I was scared but you would be too

I thought I saw a ghost that night

But It was just a kid who gave me a fright


On The final house We ran up to say

“Trick Or Treat” we don’t have to pay

The best holiday of the year

I know next time I’ll be here


Authors Note:

this poem is about Halloween 2016! Me and my friend, Elle, had our Halloween night all planned out. We were going to go to the block party and have two blue pigtails and thing one and thing two shirts with blue tutus and red and white stockings. I remembered it so clearly. We went to the block party and had a great time. We saw a bouncy house that had valcrow where we would where valcrow suits and stick to the wall. It was all fun until my hair got stuck to the valcrow and would come out. I lost half of my hair that day and it was probably the most painful thing I’ve ever felt! After that we went trick treating with not so cute costumes anymore!