Advice for Incoming 7th Graders

The sixth graders came to West Ridge with wild eyes, but now they know the middle school routine. The following is some advice for the incoming seventh graders:   Homework […]

I have recently come across something new for me: horror novels. I went to the library one fine day and saw a tucked-away bookshelf in the corner.  It was labeled […]

Grey Colossal with blue down its back Doubling in salt and fresh scales segmented into tiny suits of armor Teeth red it leaps and snaps at birds and its own […]

The Hero

Pixabay C.C.0   The Hero By Rabindranath Tagore   Mother, let us imagine we are travelling, and passing through a strange and dangerous country. You are riding in a palanquin […]

3 Great Places to See in Texas

Texas is a treasure trove of cultural traditions, sightseeing opportunities, and things to do.  This is a list of things that are certain must-sees when you visit the Lone Star […]

So far I have had three track meets.  The first was for running, the second for field, and the third was for everything. The first meet was the one where […]

I recently read a book called BZRK. It was a very eye opening experience for me. It is about special people called twitchers controlling microscopic beings called nanobots and biots. […]

There are various breeds and shapes and styles when it comes to dogs.  There are shedders, there are cuties, and there are troublemakers.  There is also the space in which […]

I stepped of of the the black glass of the lake and onto the opalescent shore.  A thick air hung around the place like a blanket, smothering both sight and […]

I am really excited to progress through this new unit of Phantom of the Opera. I watched the movie recently and I was really and mostly captivated by the music.  My […]