Review of BZRK

I recently read a book called BZRK. It was a very eye opening experience for me.

It is about special people called twitchers controlling microscopic beings called nanobots and biots. They are very versatile bots and they travel along your body in your brain and places like that. The book is very graphic.

But still the craziest thing is the imagery that Michael Grant uses. He describes in great detail the creatures that live on your body, the demodex, the dust mites. He goes into great detail about your interior workings, like your eardrum, and how your brain is wired.

Some of these descriptions almost gave me nightmares, but I am willing to read another, for it was a very good book. I now applaud Michael Grant’s devoted research on the subject.


  1. Nightmares? Do you recommend for daytime reading only?


  2. Hi again… (Sorry) So do you recommend this book or not?
    I also have the same question as Birdyg … Is it really that scary, that it would be a better option for you to read it during day time?
    It sounds like a very interesting book! Come and comment as soon as possible to answer my questions!


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