The True Meaning of Tired

So far I have had three track meets.  The first was for running, the second for field, and the third was for everything.

The first meet was the one where everyone is trying to figure out what to do for the first time.  All of the events were running.  I ran the 200 meter dash and the 800 meter run.  My 800 was my best race by far.  I got sixth or seventh in all of 7th grade boys WRMS and HCMS.  My 200 meter was trash.  I got smoked and was left in sixth place.  I’m not doing the 200 meter again.

The second meet was really different.  This was all about the field events and relays.  First, I was in triple jump.  Triple jump is really weird and not many people can grasp the form.  After several practice jumps, I felt like my shins were splitting out of my leg.  I did pretty well personally with a distance of  28’9″. I was also in the last event, the 1600 meter(or mile)relay.  I was running second.  Man, I ran so hard I could hardly stand.  My 400 meter was one of the fastest in the race.

Finally, the third meet was last Tuesday.  This was a full meet hand had 7th and 8th grade boys and girls from 3 schools.  The time span was from 4:15 to 8:00.  I was there for 4 hours.  My first event was the triple jump, then the 800M, and finally the 1600M relay.  I spent a lot of time in the stands doing homework and chatting with friends.  I think I did a lot better in my running that the last two, but my triple jump wasn’t great.

I really love these track meets because you are working out and pushing yourself to do the best you possibly can. I also like the atmosphere.  It’s a really social event that kind of makes you want to cheer on other athletes.


  1. What a really good description of the entire experience. I have never run track, so I appreciate the post.
    I hope you do well in whatever events and sports you choose.


  2. Hi Andrew, I really liked your blog post!! I never knew that you did track and well by the way you explained how fun it is… I’m pretty sure you are good at it! And you enjoy doing what you love!
    So I hope you can come comment on my blog soon , once I post something NEW!!


  3. Sounds like your series of track meets was a test of endurance as well as speed.

    Good for you for participating in sports…and for representing WRMS with such effort and heart. Go Wildcats!


  4. hi Alex my name is Aroha. I like the part were you say i really love the track meets and say you are pushing yourself to do the best as you possibly can. will you ever do all the tracks again and great story.

    from Aroha New Zealand room 3


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