3 Great Places to See in Texas

Texas is a treasure trove of cultural traditions, sightseeing opportunities, and things to do.  This is a list of things that are certain must-sees when you visit the Lone Star State.


  1. Big Bend National Park


Out in west Texas is the wondrous Big Bend landscape.  Pure and vast, it is home to a fair share of mountains, wildlife, and cactus.

2. The Alamo


The site of many a heroic deed, the Alamo is a classic image of Texas.   The story behind the old mission is one of valor, patriotism,

3. The San Antonio Riverwalk


Winding its way through San Antonio is the San Antonio Riverwalk.   Energy from all different cultures meets here for a river tour of the historic city.  Along the bank you will find no shortage of shops or food.

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  1. And the Alamo has this kid who can do s cool flying card magic trick.


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