I have recently come across something new for me: horror novels.

I went to the library one fine day and saw a tucked-away bookshelf in the corner.  It was labeled ‘horror and suspense’, so I took a look.

I saw some really creepy looking titles, and I don’t have much of a gut for scary movies, so I settled on one named “The House of Dark Shadows.”

It turned out really good and ended up finishing the book in less than a day. I immediately found and checked out the sequel.  But now, something’s different…

I now find a passion to read a very, very scary book. Maybe Stephen King…


  1. I have found the same to be true for me. Scary movies…no
    Scary books… Yes


  2. SK…daytime reading only…seriously


  3. Stephen King, my man.

    I find it hard to believe you don’t have much of a gut for the horror genre. Of course, it’s probably no surprise that I do…

    Yeah, I’m kind of a Tim Burton fanatic…


  4. I’ve read about ten of Stephen King’s books. I avoid the ones I fear will be too gory, like Cujo and Pet Sematary (wonder why he misspelled cemetery?), but others I like. Lately King’s been writing some crime fiction, like his book Mr. Mercedes.

    The best thing about King? I think it has to be his characters. Showing us how his people think can be one of the scariest things about his scary books!


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