My Adventure In Hawaii

It all started when My mom and dad surprised My family with tickets to Hawaii! Whem we landed off a 8 hour flight, we were all tired, hungry, but at the same time excited and nervous.

The day of the surprise my dad told us nothing about what we’re doing or where were going. After a 2 hour car ride I found out were going zip lining! My mom and I are terrified of heights so we were very nervous. When we got to the zip lining place the instructor greeted my family with smiles and a reashering voice saying the the ropes can hold 20,000 pounds. I was still nervous and thinking about the worst scenarios in my head. We had to hike up to the first line. I was first up. He hooked me in and reassured that is was safe. I closed my eyes and jumped. It was amazing! I felt the wind in my hair as I zipped to the other side. My heart was pumping as fast as a cheetah pouncing on its pray. On the other end there was a tall bald man named Harry ( I know kinda weird to name someone that when there bald ). He was very strong and caught us at the end. Best experience ever!


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  1. Bill Stone at |

    Birdie- Love the story. Was a great memory. I had a great time Zip Lining with you, Mom, and as a Party of 5 🙂 Great writing. Keep it up! Love, Dad

  2. Kennedy Cannon at |

    This is great! I love the similes in it! You deserve an A+++++++!

  3. LUCY at |

    Hey girl! It’s so good!! That’s so cool that you went to Hawaii! You spelled excited in the first paragraph wrong and surprise in the 2nd.
    Great job!!!


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