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I am currently reading Ghost by Jason Reynolds. This book has a roller coaster of emotions with twists and turns. You never know what’s next when reading Ghost! 

It all starts when a boy named Caslte Crawnsha ( aka Ghost ) was a little boy and his mom and dad were fighting. His mom wanted a divorce but ghosts dad didn’t. So his mom grabbed him and tried to leave, as they were leaving the dad grabbed a gun and started shooting them! So, they ran as fast as they could and that’s when Ghost knew he was a fast runner.
A few years later his mom got a job at the hospital. One late afternoon, Ghost was bored and had nothing to do, and he stubble across a track. On the track a team of the best runners in town were practicing. One kid who was sprinting caught his eye. He was wearing a gold chain around his neck, gold colored shoes, and was decked out in all sports gear. Ghost was aggravated on now cocky he was being. So he stood up and decided to try to beat his time. He got on the starting line and the whistle blew. He took off, beating the kids time. Every other kids jaws dropped in amazement. The Coach was even impressed and he ran in the Olympics!

Read more to find out if he made the team and what happens!!

If you wanna learn about more of this book check out the book trailer!

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  1. LUCY at |

    Yessss birdie loved it

  2. MrsBowerman at |

    Can you believe he hated to read and write in middle school? His goal is to write things that students, especially middle school. He also works to make his writing fast– not overwhelmingly long.

    Why did you select this book?


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