Why I’m Looking Forward to Spring Break

Spring break is just a week away, and I’m actually going somewhere this year. Aside from the obvious pros of sleeping in and going to bed late, I’m flying to Las Vegas!

All right, everyone loves to be able to stay awake at night and stay asleep in the morning for some weird reason, so any break from the usual go-to-bed-early-wake-up-early routine is welcome. Usually, we only have three nights to do this: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But, we have to go to school during the day on Friday, and on Sunday we have to prepare for the dreadful Monday that’s coming up, so technically Saturday is our only break. Also, I have to wake up before nine (which should be banned on weekends) to go to swim practice and then a math class on Saturday. During spring break, however, we have the whole week┬áto mess up our sleep schedule! Awesome, right? And we can just sit around all day and do nothing, and it’s great.

Although I would love to sleep for the whole week, I’ll be kicking off the break on Friday by going to Nevada! First, after we arrive at the airport, we’ll be driving through the early morning straight to the Grand Canyon. After sightseeing and hiking for the whole day, we’re staying at a hotel for the night. We might go on another trail the next day, but we’re leaving before noon to get to the city! I’m not really sure what exactly we’ll be doing in Las Vegas, but I know we’ll be eating a lot of awesome food. When I went to Las Vegas as a five-year-old or something, I didn’t get to eat much, but right now I could really use a good all-you-can-eat buffet. Anyway, it’s going to be so fun, and I can’t wait!

Because I get to sleep a lot and actually travel, spring break is going to be a blast! I hope everyone else will also have a great spring break.

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