10 Steps for the Best 7th Grade Year

As this year comes to a close, Jenna and I have decided to make a list of all the things you can do to fail in your seventh grade year. If you follow all these steps, you will have the best 7th grade year ever. Have fun!

1.Never do your homework.
Who has time for that? This new society has Netflix, YouTube, candy crush, and many more phone apps that make you procrastinate. Just tell your parents that you did your homework in wildcat time! This will boost you into failing!

2.Bring your phone to class and turn your ringer on.
All of your classmates will know whenever you get a text. Your teacher might take away your phone and give it to the office. Who knows? You might just get detention for this?

3.Never study.
If you don’t study, you won’t ever need to bring anything home! You don’t even need a backpack! Plus, you don’t have to worry about passing your test. You won’t! It’s all decided for you! If you get a 0 on a test, you will have a party! Single digit test scores are the best!

4.Ditch class. Every. Day.
Another way to fail your tests is if you don’t show up at all! You can watch Netflix in the bathroom instead of doing that math project. Boom! You get a zero! If you do show up to class at all, make sure it’s in the last few minutes. When the tardys add up, you get Saturday school! Don’t forget to ditch that too!

5.Talk back to teachers.
This will always come in handy! They will eventually get so annoyed with you and they will send you out in the hall. We all know what that means! Ditching class!

6.Pull the fire alarm.
Everyone will see you do it, so this is the perfect fast-track to suspension. You get to skip school while you are suspended! Don’t forget to forget to do your makeup work!

7.Don’t charge your iPad.
Kill all of the trees! Electronic is not better! Use all of the paper you possibly can! All of the little birds won’t have a home so they will live in your backyard or they’ll die. Free pets! Who needs them in school? Skyward tests? No! You can fail almost everything! You won’t need your iPad to check skyward because you know what your grades are: failing!

8. Cheat on tests.
If you just have to show up to class on a test day, make a big show of trying to cheat. Make sure your teacher can tell you are cheating, so you get a zero on that test. If you do this enough, you might get sent to the office. We all know that getting sent to the office just a fancy title of ditching class.

9.Go swimming with your iPad.
Lifeproof cases are stupid and expensive. You don’t want to pay $100 for a piece of junk, do you? Instead, you can test if your iPad is waterproof by going swimming with it. It’s not, but iPads are great companions! You can be facetiming your friend that’s in Colorado when you’re jumping in the pool. Guess what no iPad means? Failing!

10. Wear a swimsuit to school.
I’m talking bikini with no cover-up. You will get dress coded and will have to call your mom to tell her to bring you clothes. Guess what that means? You ditch class to wait for her! As explained earlier, ditching class equals failing.

If you have completed these few simple steps, you will be failing all of your classes and will hopefully be expelled. Have fun failing!

7th Grade Reflection

On August 26th, 2015, I was practically still a sixth grader. I was very crazy and had a very little attention span, like most sixth graders. I haven’t really noticed it throughout the year, but I’ve changed into a seventh grader.

I think 7th grade has changed me as a person. I now try very hard to keep my grades up, and it has paid off. I have also changed outside of school; I’ve learned the value of friendship. Having 3-4 really close friends is better than having 500 distant friends.

I also think I’ve gotten better at volleyball. I call the ball and I am more aggressive. At the beginning of the season, I wasn’t that comfortable around my team because I just met them. Now that we are all good friends, my playing has gotten better and I am not uncomfortable around them.

7th grade was fun, and I can’t wait for what 8th grade has in store for me.

Sport Fans

I would say that some sport fans care too much. Fans like me care about the team, but we don’t start riots if the team we are rooting for looses.

If you fight and yell if a team loses, you probably care too much. You are putting others in danger, and they probably just watched the game for a fun family day! My family uses football as a time to turn on the TV and have a great time with the family. If our team wins, great! Awesome! If they lose, it’s no big deal. They will win someday.

There are also some fans who get mad at the other team for winning, and that is mostly parents. At my last volleyball game, there was one parent saying, “THE GAME ISN’T OVER! GET GLASSES! THAT BALL WAS NOT ON THE LINE!” That is an example of a parent being a little bit too involved in a 13 year old volleyball game.

Have you seen swimming parents? It seems like the younger their kids are, the more the parents yell. The kids are just minding their own business and swimming leisurely across the pool, but their parents are screaming at them! The kids can’t even hear anything under the water! Sorry to burst your bubble, but nobody knows if your kid is going to be the next Michael Phelps.

It is fun to be a sports fan, but you have to set boundaries. Starting riots is not okay. Sports are fun!



Bluebonnets blossom

The sun peaks out of the clouds

Birds chirp,”Spring is here!”

I am proud of this poem because it is short and sweet, but it also tells people what spring is really about. Spring is the time where all of the flowers bloom, the weather gets warmer, and birds chirp when you wake up! Spring is a more moderate version of summer; instead of people dying of heat they are playing outside and enjoying the weather. I love spring.


Austin, Texas

Austin, TX is probably the coolest cities in the USA. If you happen to go here, these are some of the places you must go throughout the year.

Rodeo Austin


Rodeo Austin has it all. Whether you like carnival rides, petting zoos, or bull riding; the Rodeo is the place for you. Usually this is held in March during spring break.

Austin City Limits (ACL)

concert-768722_1280 (1)

ACL is the most popular music festival in the country. Bands from all over the world come to Austin and hold the best concert of the year. Austin City Limits lasts three days a weekend, and it is for two weeks. It is usually held in late October.

Blue Hole


Blue Hole is amazing. It is a park with a natural spring that you can swim in. It is great for kids because there is fields you can run in, rope swings you can jump off of, and an underwater tree that you can swim through. It is open year-round. This one is by far my favorite.


All photos are from Pixabay CC0.

Helping Others

Have you ever had somebody help you? It makes you feel good, right? Maybe even inspiring? I know that whenever somebody helps me, I definitely want to help someone else. Treat other people the way you want to be treated, right?

Imagine if you needed someone to help you because you need a shoulder to cry on. If nobody helps others, the world would be a depressed and lonely place with hatred filling the streets. Nobody would really have a stable business if nobody helped them. They would have no new ideas, no new projects, or no new buyers. Do you know Steve Jobs? Well, he was the maker of Apple. He started out by inventing everything on his own. As more people started helping him, his business grew and spread at the speed of light. I like helping people because I see their faces light up. I also know what that light means: a boost of confidence, a boost of inspiration, a boost of pure happiness.

Besides that, think of injuries. Doctors basically help people all day. Have you ever been hurt physically before? What if that person didn’t help you? What if that person didn’t invent the medication that made you feel better? What if you had to walk badly your whole life from a little ankle sprain? The world is all about helping people. When I broke my arm, a lot of people crowded around me, they wanted to help. My amazing friend was willing to walk me to the nurses office so I could get better. Now my arm is as good as new.

Now that I gave you all of those examples of why you should help others, I want to inspire you to give at least one person a boost of confidence, a boost of inspiration, a boost of pure happiness.


I have a blueprint. I want to be successful, a good person, and inspiring.

Firstly, I want to go to a great college. My ideal college is UT, since their volleyball team is amazing, and they have great academics too. I want to get a full scholarship for volleyball and work on being an architect.

Secondly, I want to be an architect. I want to have a job because if I don’t I will be very bored. I want to challenge myself and set my own goals. If I can’t be an architect, I at least want a job where I have to work hard.

Lastly, I want to be a good person. I don’t want to go through life regretting all the times I’ve treated people poorly or excluded them. I want to be an inspiration to others.

Now that I’ve told you my blueprint, what’s yours?


Would you rather wear shorts in winter, ski on mountains, or go ice skating?

In Texas, it doesn’t feel like real winter one bit. Last weekend, it was 95 degrees! That’s summer weather! A lot of my family lives in the Northeast coast, so we go there often. Last time we went there, it snowed on Thanksgiving! When I was little, it snowed half the size of me! Now that is the winter I love.

One week it’s freezing, the next week it’s raining, and the next week you’re ready to jump in the pool and cool off. If you want a winter like that, move to Texas. The bad thing is, once you get used to the warm winter weather, you can never go back. My mom wears sweaters and jeans when it is 75 degrees outside! She did not do that in New York.

I just don’t think summer should be all year round. We have four seasons for a reason.

Girl Scout Camp

Last summer, I went to my first sleepaway camp. It was a Girl Scout camp for learning how to act on stage and improv.

The camp was about 1 hour away. I didn’t want to go alone, so I brought my friends Carly and Hayden. They both were in my Girl Scout troop. I was really excited and nervous at the same time. I was counting down the hours before we got to leave. I was ready to go to sleepaway camp.

When my mom dropped me off, I found Carly and Hayden. They were making their beds, so I started making mine too. Our cabin had a view of the water! At the time we were in a drought so there wasn’t much water in the lake, but it was still a good view. The downside was, our cabin didn’t have AC, and it was more than 95 degrees. That was going to be a tough week for me.

The first night, I woke up to ants biting me. It turned out that there was some food on my sheets that attracted ants, so they started biting me. I was not looking forward to the rest of the week. The camp counselors had to wash my sheets and get me temporary ones. I had to move in to the next cabin filled with 10 year olds, great.

It turns out other people had problems with ants too. When I woke up, two more people had ants in their suitcases. I was glad it wasn’t only me.

The rest of the week, we practiced acting and improv. I thought we were going to swim in the lake, but we ended up just swimming in a crowded pool with all the other campers. It wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. After the camp ended, I liked the camp, but I wouldn’t really choose to go again.

Volleyball Camp

Over the summer, I went to an awesome volleyball camp. It was about 4 hours away. I was really excited to go because we were going to play volleyball 8 hours a day! It was a sleep away camp for about 4 days.

When Hayden and I drove over to the camp, there was a lady working there to give us a key to our room. The camp was at a college, so we got our own dorm! We walked upstairs and unlocked the door to our room. It was freezing. The room was dull, cold, and old. The only thing that was updated was the sink! The room didn’t bother me too much though, after I put my sheets on the bed.

There was a schedule in our room that said we get four meals a day. I guess that means we were going to play a lot of volleyball. I was placed in a group with all 10 year olds, since I’m one of the youngest in my grade. I would’ve liked to play with the older kids, but my coach told me that I could learn more being in this group.

After a whole 3 days of playing volleyball constantly, I was very sore and tired. I was ready to go home. Hayden’s mom picked us up, and we drove home. Overall I loved that camp and I really want to go next summer.