Advice to Upcoming 7th graders

Dear Upcoming 7th Graders,

Last year when we were coming into 7th grade we were constantly worrying about new friend groups, school supplies, and homework. We are here to give you some advice on these things and how to address them properly!

To begin, let’s start with friendships. 6th grade for everyone is a lot of what discovering what organizations you fit into and who your friends are. 7th grade has definitely gotten easier for for the majority of people, friend-wise because you have gotten to know everyone and know your friend groups. Advice on this subject would be to chose your friends wisely because studies have shown that the 5 people you spend the most time with are who you become the most like, so chose wisely. Coming into the school year from our personal experiences you don’t need to worry about who your friends are because it will happen naturally.
Next important thing is getting the right school supplies. Something that we highly recommend is a homework folder, it becomes very handy when you have homework in many classes, and it will lighten your backpack drastically. Also, you definitely want a planner to keep track of homework and when assignments are due. It may seem that you won’t need it, but you wouldn’t believe how many times we wouldn’t have done a project if not for double checking our planner. And trust us, Heavy Duty binders is the way to go, any other kind will break within the first couple of weeks.
Finally, how to properly manage your homework. This year homework increases a lot, especially in advanced classes, so watch out. In 6th grade WildCat Time was like a class no one paid attention to because you usually would rather do your homework at home. This next year in 7th grade because the homework takes a longer time, WildCat Time is really a good time to get some homework done. Instead of messing around you should be productive because for most of us 7th graders, the minimum time we spent on our homework at night is 1 hour. If you use your time properly in class and work hard you will have an easier time doing the homework and being more productive in class which will lighter the time you spend on your work.

We hope that you will take our advice and do these highly suggested tips to make your school year a better and easy-fun year!

Best of luck,
Ava & Allison



Do Students Have Too Much Homework?

This year I have spent more time on homework after school than anything else.  7th grade has too much homework!

Every day come home with at least 2 hours of homework- that is too much.  I just spent 8 hours of school learning; I shouldn’t have to come home and work for 2 more hours by myself! I get that it is supposed to help us practice so that we can learn, but that is what class is for! Most students have after school activities plus their homework, which means they can end up working very late and not get a good night sleep.  The point of school ending at 4:00 is so that you can come home and relax, have fun, and spend time with your family. Not to come home and get tired and stressed out because of all your homework.

I think that there should be a limit on how much homework you have to do: after and hour you can stop and your parents can sign a form that says you have been working hard for an hour. The next day you can show your teacher and not get in trouble for not finishing. You would still practice at home each night just not as long. If West Ridge did this I believe that students and parents would be very delighted and there would definitely be a difference of how students are at school.

What do you think about this idea? Do you agree that students have too much homework?

The Seahorse

The Seahorse

Her body was curvy

And speckled

And peachy-pink

And as she was swimming

She stopped,

And looked right at me

Our eyes were locked

And I saw her little tiny fin

And her long white mouth

And eyes of pure black,

Deep and long and cold.

Then out of the reef,

With that delicate fin

Moving without a sound



She swam-that interesting creature.


Inspired by “The Shark” by Edwin




turkey vulture feeds
mechanical as a red oil rig
head rocks down up down

stiff-legged dog rises
goes grumbling after squirrel
old ears still flap

snowy egret—curves,
lines, sculpted against pond blue;
white clouds against sky

banded headed bird
this ballerina killdeer
dance on point my heart

Kimberly Blaeser


I chose this poem because I thought that Kimberly Blaeser did an excellent job at showing a visual image of summer. Summer is my favorite season and I can’t wait until it’s here! Reading this poem made me even more excited!

Winter Vacation Destinations

Visiting The United States? Well if it is winter  you will enjoy to stop in these towns. They are known for great skiing, gnarly snowboarding, and awesome snow. Try these places out and you will instantly fall in love.


Big Sky, Montana  

Winter, Skiing, Austria, KitzbuehelPixabay CC0

Big Sky, Montana is a truly beautiful place. It has a great ski school which will have coming down the mountain  in no time. Dont’t miss out on amazing wildlife at Yelow Stone  National Park, only an hour away!


Park City, Utah

Runners Head, Winter, Ski Tour

Pixabay CC0

Once you come to Park City you will never want to leave. Even if your not into skiing, theres is plenty of other things to do. A few things are zipplining, Olympic Park, and even dogsledding!

Angelfire, New Mexico

Ski Lift, Backlight, Piste

Pixabay CC0

Simlar to the others, Angelfire is is a awesome choice for skiing and tubing! At the end of the day you can top it off with some  delicious hot cocoa!


So if you are looking for a great winter vacation destination, you can’t go wrong with any of these three places. Visit their websites to learn more!




Expository Essay

I wrote this paper as a assignment with my friends Ava and Harper.

There are some rules that are unjust in our world, but also ones that keep us in unison. Breaking the unfair rules is sometimes alright, but other rules must be obeyed.
Good rules that keep us safe are important to follow. Take laws for instance; if our country had no laws to keep us safe, then it would be chaos. Without red lights in our traffic system, our country’s population would be decreasing rapidly due to car accidents. Without speed limits in our road system, our country’s hospitals would be overflowing. Without laws against murder, our country’s cemeteries would be overfilled. Rules are the base of our society and having people follow the rules keep our community safe.
On the other hand, we often find rules in our world that are foul and go against our opinions. So when we come across these rules we shouldn’t be afraid to stick up for what we believe is right. Take Rosa Parks for example; she strongly believed that everyone had equal rights. When a white man asked her to move to the back of the bus, she refused and stuck to her beliefs, even though the law stated that a colored person must move for a white. She was a courageous woman who broke the rules, which helped end segregation. We should use Rosa Parks to help us find the courage to not back down, and break the rules.
This is why it is good to have a balanced life of choosing to sometimes neglect rules,and to abide to the rules of life. When it all comes down to rock bottom there is really only one question that you should ask yourself: How do you know which rules to break?

Mardi Gras

Throwing beads, decorating floats, and spending time with family and friends is how I got to spend my weekend. Every year my family asks all our friends and relatives to come to Bolivar Peninsula and celebrate the weekend before Mardi Gras. This year was one of my favorites; I brought along my friend Ava which made it even more fun. We left Thursday after school and finally arrived at our beach house at 9:45 after a long, 5 hour road trip.
Friday is when everyone else came and the fun began. Once all the kids were here we spent the rest of the day jumping of sand dunes, driving the golf carts, and eating homemade fried fish. The next day was all I had been thinking about since I got in bed, this parade was going to be a blast. I woke up to the sound of music blaring and people laughing, they must have been decorating the float. Ava and I quickly got dressed, ate breakfast, threw on some beads and headed downstairs just in time to put the finishing touches on the float.
About 45 minutes until the parade everyone hopped in a car and we drove to where we had to check in; the parade was about to start!! I grabbed my bucket of stuff to throw and got in position, I could now see the people ready to catch. As we are now next to the crowd I throw my goodies and yell,”Happy Mardi Gras!”. The next two hours were filled with laughter and joy from everyone that I could see. Mardi Gras has always been one of my favorite holidays to spend with my family, I hope each year will continue to be just as fun as the last.

Prized Possesion

When I was little, I just couldn’t do without my lovey. She had the most amazingly soft texture and gave me the warmest feeling when I hugged her. She also had my name monogrammed on her belly, and she was missing one of her eyes due to playing to rough with her. In each baby picture I’ve seen she has been in my hand or right next to me, I could never set her down.

She came with me everywhere I went, and put me to sleep each night; she was the first and last thing I saw each day. Without my lovey, part of my childhood would be missing. That is why she still sits in my room today watching me with her one eye. I hope that lovey will always be in my family either with me or in a box in the attic, and get passed down to my kid so that they can have a lovey in their life too.

The Phantom Of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera has been very interesting so far; there is definitely some tension going on between The Phantom and Christine. The Phantom has just taken Christine in to his lair, Christine is currently in a hypnotic trance, and as soon as they arrive Christine sees a manikin that looks just like her, and it’s wearing a wedding dress. At this point I was getting a little creeped out and I can imagine Christine was too. The Phantom sings her a song and in the song he clearly states that he loves her and does not want his mask to be taken off. As you can probably infer, Christine decides to take his mask off, leaving her in such shock/horror she lays unconscious for days.

How would you feel if you were in The Phantom’s place after Christine took of his mask?

How would you feel if you were in Christine’s place?

What is under The Phantoms mask that leaves Christine in such shock?

Christine wakes up to the other characters in the Opera questioning her about where she’s been, they don’t believe her when she tells the truth and state that she needs to get some rest. Raoul comes in and says that he will take care of her; Christine in Raoul express their feeling for each other in a sentimental song that’s leaves the Phantom very hurt. The Phantom covers up his sadness with rage and commits a murder. The scene ends with the big chandelier falling at Christine’s feet.

What do you think will happen next?

Last Weekend Before Christmas!

This weekend I have a lot of fun planned. I get to start it off with a dress rehearsal for our choir show that is coming up on Tuesday, if your interested in going its at the Westlake P.A.C. and begins at 7:45pm. The dress rehearsal is until 5:15 today and we are running through the show, hearing the Madrigals sing, and having hot cocoa and treats provided by the Madrigals! If you are wondering, the Madrigals are Westlake High School’s outstanding choir. After that, I am headed to The Ranch!
The Ranch is where my grandparents live, Big Jack and Dee, and we love to go out there as often as we can! Filled with hunting, movies, football, cooking, ping-pong, and riding the golf cart, The Ranch is a relaxing place where I can get some god sleep and a break from home. Another reason I am getting excited to go is that Big Jack and Dee just got a new puppy! His name is Call, from the Lonesome Dove, and he is a 8 week old yellow lab, I just can’t wait to hold him! Those are my plans for the weekend before Christmas,

Do you have any exciting plans?