Panda Monium

I just finished reading Panda Monium by Stuart Gibbs. It’s set in a zoo called Fun Jungle in Texas thirty miles away from the nearest city, the school, a trailer park, JJ McCracken’s office, the panda exhibit and the dolphin exhibit. Teddy Fitzroy has solved many cases here in Fun Jungle. Now, he is tasked with another task, Fun Jungle’s new panda Li Ping is supposed to arrive, but she never does. At first Teddy just wants to leave the FBI to do the investigating. But when somebody threatens to blackmail the zoo’s owners daughter and Teddy’s girlfriend, Summer McCracken. He is forced to help solve the case even if it may put his life in danger, defying the FBI’s orders, lying to his parents and maybe even forcing JJ McCracken the zoo’s owner to fire his parents. Will Teddy Fitzroy solve the mystery or will his life crash and burn in front of his eyes?

Taglines are cool.

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