Original Poem

Christmas Time


Christmas is the holiday,

you can feel in the air.

Right before bed on Christmas Eve,

you say a little prayer.


You bake good cookies,

and maybe eat a few.

You decorate them with many colors,

red, white, green, pink, blue.


Wrapping many presents,

tie their big bows in a knot.

Trying to open them before it’s time,

you better have a clever plot!


You can listen to Christmas carols,

wherever you go they’re probably there.

When Christmas Day comes,

open your presents and tear!


Author’s Note

My poem is about Christmas and the preparation for it. I wrote this poem because I love Christmas time. It’s a very fun holiday. To write this poem, I came up with things that rhyme and then I made sentences from them. I really hope you like my poem!

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