45 more days!! 🏀

Basketball is my go to sport..

I have played for three years, on and off on select and for my school. I love this sport because it teaches you to have good sportsmanship and you learn to be a good teammate. Overall I love the idea of the game and how it works. I can’t wait for the season to start!!

About My Book

My book Lindsey Lost, By: Suzanne Marie Phillips.
My book is about Lindsey, a soon to be Olympic Athlete and her Murder investigation. She was training to go to the Olympics until something tragic happens to her and her family. Her brother Micah is stuck with being accused of murder along with his best friend, Reed, also known as Lindsey’s boyfriend.

 Once a week goes by, Micah returns to school and of course everyone is giving him their simpithy but he’s not the biggest fan of it. His girlfriend was really the only person who he talked to, Vivian, she had been with him threw everything.

UCLA Volleyball

UCLA Voleyball is probably my favorite activitie to watch.
This is the college I want to attend and I play volleyball.
This game is so good!! ❤️🏐 If you want to learn more, go to this site.

This Week!!

So this week is crazy!

Yesturday was the boys first football game and we won 36-0!

Everyday this week I have volleyball practice at 7-9:15 am. I have an away game on Thursday and an away Tournament on Friday & Saturday.

This weekend I have to stay in my hometown because my away tournament is in the same area and I’m so pumped for that because my best friend from Austin is staying with me and we are going to go visit my friends I haven’t seen in forever and we are going out to dinner at a restaurant that everyone goes to!