Hero vs Fenrir

Sister of Aphrodite, goddess of honesty and benevolence, hero of pace, Me.

Walking through the forest, walls of snow, white as milk, I could feel snowflakes falling in my nose, it  was freezing, and I was lost. My hands were turning purple, and my blue jacket only covered half of my legs. I saw something moving right into me, as it got closer it looked bigger, it had a silhouette of a wolf. I couldn’t feel my legs, I fell.


I woke up and, I was at a cave, the sunlight hitting my face. Where was I ?

It was there when I realized what was happening. That day my sister, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty was making Psyche, the new beautiful servant, shear the sheep while I was eating breakfast with Cupid, my sisters son, while watching the news. I heard about, a humongous wolf, who had completely destroyed Crete, an island near Greece, he was terrifying and no one survived after trying to fight him and was the only creature who could kill gods and goddesses, he was Fenrir. And I new I must go find him, I went to ask for help with Zeus, the greatest god, my sisters husband, but he wouldn’t listen “It’s impossible he can kill all of us even the  gods like you and me, and you are weak and too nice to try to beat him” he said, I was so mad, how could he said that? so,I went put my winter jacket and walked outside. I went back inside and said to myself “ you can’t do this you are not strong” but, I knew that if I didn’t go, no one was. I opened the door, stepped outside and felt the wind hitting my face, I was looking for Fenrir.


In the cave, I turned around, the place was so big it was like an ant in mount Olympus, “I am in his Cave, in Valhalla!” I whispered. Big walls of rock, and hot lava in the floor. It had a reddish color, and It wasn’t cold anymore. Fenrir had brought me here, that was the wolf silhouette I had seen before. But how did Fenrir didn’t eat me if he had found me? How was I alive?. No matter what, I was ready to fight him he had caused so much trouble, but I wasn’t the goddess of war, neither strength, then, I had to fight him my way. I went down a rock stairs behind me. As I got downstairs it was way hotter. I took of my jacket and threw it into the floor. I kept walking, and heard a loud howl it sounded like a baby crying in a museum. Everything was quiet, but the howl made it ridiculously loud. I started running, and found, Fenrir. He was  a gigantic wolf, with gray and white fur. I wasn’t the only one who had tried to fight him, there were bones and skeletons everywhere, and I would probably be one of those later. He heard me and turned around. He runned to me and hit me with his forehead, I couldn’t breathe. I tried to hit him, but I missed. He then scratched me and blood runned down my face. I went flying down a hole with hot, bubbling lava, but I grabbed the edge and pulled myself up. Fenrir, then fell down and started to howl again. Then I spotted a splinter in his leg, and everything came to my mind. Now I could understand, I was the goddess of honesty and benevolence, I could help with this. He was just feeling pain, and for such a huge monster he could not control his powerful strength. I decided to quietly walk towards him, and take out that huge splinter in his feet. As I walked he stopped howling, then I ran as I could and started kicking the splinter, he howled even louder, it wasn’t working.I kicked and kicked again. It fell of. There was no sound again. He turned to me, and dragged me into the wall, we were face to face I could feel the air blowing out of his nose. It was the end. I wouldn’t survive, but then i said to myself “I goddess of honesty and benevolence, took out a splinter of a terrifying monster and made him stop feeling pain, that’s what I am good at, I was brave, and all the gods would be proud of me”. He opened his mouth, it was as big as a whole house and had a fetid smell like rotten meat. I closed my eyes, tears came down my face, sweat came down my body. I was ready to die. But then Fenrir licked me, I was full with saliva, from his mouth. I started laughing, and crying. I was alive. I hugged him. I had to tell the gods about this. After that, he put me in his back and took me out of the cave in direction of mount Olympus.

By: Amelia

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