Italian Cooking

Italians are very creative with their cooking, they can cook just about anything and everything you tell them to cook. Italian cooks cook simple, but yet delicious foods.

One of the foods that Italians make include pizza, pizza is like yeasted bread topped with tomato sauce (which was brought from the new world), and cheese. It is actually optional for a person to put additional toppings that include pepperoni, veggies, pineapple,  and condiments that are use for pizza. Italians consider this a food, but in my opinion pizza is a delight much rather than a food. Pizza has now been spreaded around the world in different culture, so many types of pizza now exist, from New York Pizzas, Neapolitan Pizzas, and Chicago Pizzas, pizzas are sold in fresh or frozen, either whole or sliced, pizza is common everywhere.

Another food that Italians make are called gelato, gelato is basically ice cream but made with fruits and/or nut purée. In comparison it is lower in fat, but higher in sugar, than other types of ice cream. Gelato is made using a hot process, where all the sugars need to dissolve (the sugars that are in gelato prevents itself from freezing). Then it is mixed with the milk, cream, and flavor. Gelato has now been brought into America but is not the same, because of all the sweetenings that are added into it.

The final food that Italians make is called Lasagna. Lasagna is a wide, flat-shaped pasta, and is possibly one of the oldest living type of pasta. a dish consisting of this pasta baked with alternating layers of, typically, tomato sauce, ground meat, and cheese. Lasagne originated in Italy, traditionally attributed to the city of Naples, where the first modern recipe was created in the Middle Ages, which means that this dish is more than 500 years old. In my opinion this dish is the most delicious than any of the foods that I have been talking about, so it is good.

All of these dishes are all simple yet delicious foods that I have been talking about. Speaking of food, I think I need some of that Italian Lasagna myself?.



Easter egg hunting, egg painting, and Easter picnics are some of the fun activities that happen on Easter. Easter is a very superstitious and a very religious Holiday, filled with family entertainment.

One thing that most familys do and enjoy is Easter egg hunting. Easter egg hunting is a very common thing that people, mostly kids, do on Easter. Easter egg hunting is considered a game for children, that in the game you basically go and find hidden Easter eggs that have chocolate or candy in them, at the end the person with the most Easter eggs wins. Usually you go play the game with your friends or family, or you go to public places like a park. Normally every Easter I get up early, get everybody that is in our house awake, and end up winning the competition. Easter egg hunting is very addictive once it gets in the family, and I most certainly recommend it if you don’t do it. ???

Another activity that people do on Easter is egg painting. Egg painting is a arts and crafts people do for fun, but sometimes people do egg painting for the eggs in their Easter egg hunt. Like Easter egg hunting mostly kids do egg painting and enjoy them. In egg painting first you will have to prepare the eggs by poking a little hole in a uncooked egg’s shell, and draining all the egg yolk and egg whites from the hole that you have made. From there you will paint the eggs using watercolor or paint with paint brushes. Commonly you would do egg painting in your house or on your yard, if not you would probably gather friends and do it. I Normally wouldn’t go egg painting, but if I do go I would go with my siblings.

The final activity that I will be explaining about is a Easter picnic. Easter picnics are kind of a common activity to do on Easter that everybody in the family participates in. Easter picnics are basically regular picnics that turn better because of the usual good weather on the date. In my opinion Easter picnics are extremely more better than regular picnics in our family, because on Easter picnics our whole family gets together and plays together until the end of the picnic were everybody goes home and rests for school/work.

The sun is going down, the moon is rising up, and the day is coming to a end. Easter will end with a blink of an eye, but Monday will come to a sigh?. Remember this in mind. Easter is coming, Happy Easter.

Why I am Looking Forward to Spring Break

Spring oh spring, you can smell it, see it, hear it, and feel it. Songbirds chirp and sing songs, plants start to bloom and come alive, allergies start to kick in and make you sick. It is spring, the beginning of spring.

Spring can have lots and lots of activities waiting for you. One of those activities may be the Austin Kite Festival, a spring festival that is the best time for having fun, winning prizes, and relaxing. Every year in the festival there is a competition for the best flying kite, highest flying kite, and the most beautiful and colorful kite. The festival is in the big field across from Zilker Park. Once you get there you will see cars ? parked everywhere in fact there are so many cars that people parks miles away from the park. This is one fun thing you could do in spring, but there are lots of others that maybe you enjoy like, planting something, cooking something, makeing something.

In spring there is always those people, those teens that don’t do something during spring break. What I recommend for those people is to just at least try something that they have never done before or what they really enjoyed in the year and the season. I myself admit that I am one those person, but like what I said to try something that you have never done before, that is what I am doing…I’m going skiing with my family in Colorado. I haven’t had done one thing that is like skiing, so I have no experience and knowledge about it. I have heard from some of my friends that they have broken their bone while skiing, so I am a little scared about that, but besides that I think I am going to have fun ski trip.

As soon as you know it spring has gone poof and summer and then summer break is here. I am  ? looking forward to spring break, but the real question now is that are you looking forward to spring break or not??

Track and Field

It’s almost spring time in Texas and you know what that means…track! Every day on the track at our school I see people running ? and struggling to get to the end of the “goal”, but track doesn’t necessarily mean running. There are lots of thing like: long jump, high jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, and hurdles you might want to try.

The other sports apart from running is called a field event. There are two field evens that I am willing to try for strength: shot put, and discus. Shot put is a sport involving a weighted ball and a big measured field to throw it and measure it from the place that the person threw it from. There are many ways to shot it like, between the legs, beneath the ear, and spin three times. You can say it’s easy but believe me it’s harder than it looks because the ball is usually weighted at 3-5 kilograms which is about 6-10 pounds?!

My second sport apart from running is discus. Discus is like a weighted frisbee which is held way differently than your average frisbee. Instead of holding it at your hip/stomach you have to hold it along the elbow/shoulder line. The discus can be explained as smaller than a frisbee and heavier. I say it’s harder to throw a discus than a frisbee because you have to hold the discus with your pointer finger and thumb, which makes it “easier” to throw that I can’t understand. You can compare discus to shot put in a way because in both there is a competition in distance and strength, so basically in a way they are similar not the same?.

Track in my opinion is the most famous sport/game in the world because every day you see kids trying to improve their running skills by racing each other. In track I’m doing the mile so I would have lots of time trying to beat and catch up to the opponents. In my  way of saying this is that I’m more comfortable with the things and events that I chose, and I’m happy with it because of my goal, but don’t let my goal disturb yours because I’m me and you’re you.

Paris, France ??

Paris, France, a major European city and a global center for art, fashion, and culture. It is known for its beautiful monuments and landmarks, the food, and the love ❤️ city of the world. Paris is the most populous and famous city in France ?? and the whole European Union ??. This city is my favorite European city in the whole entire ? world.

Paris is really inspiring to lots of people like me, but what I love most about the city is its stylisity, culture, and lots of its communitys. There’s a real and sensational sense of community at the local shops, markets and restaurants that feel like being in the oldern days, at least thats what it feels like to me. Paris is one of Europe’s major centers of finance, commercial, fashion, science. When I went to Paris I used the Euro or European money. At that time the Euro had a value double than an American Dollar ?. I soon then realized that some products are more expensive here than in the U.S.

Paris is also a major rail, highway, and air-transport region. The air- transport hub is served by the two international airports, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly. Open in the 1900’s, the city’s subway system, the Paris Metro, serves millions and millions of people daily. It is the second busiest metro system in Europe after the Moscow Metro. This was important to us saying that we didn’t have a car ?. From my dad’s past experience the Paris Metro was the fastest and cheapest way to get around the city.

The famous Louvre museum holds the and only “Mona Lisa.”. The “Mona Lisa” is the most known and the most expensive piece of artwork in the world. If someone steals the “Mona Lisa” the penalty mostly will lead to death ?, with the experience I’ve had with a guard standing next to the “Mona Lisa”. It is one of the most seen artworks in the world with average visits of 10,000 people daily. Recently the Louvre museum was “attacked” with a percentage of people saying that the “terrorist” was planning to steal the “Mona Lisa”??. When me and my family were in France, there were lots of signs in the museums say to do not use flash in photography, which I believe to be because if you use flash, the paint from the painting eventually will peel of and fade away over time. To protect the artwork the government uses these sign to warn everybody.

There is one thing about Paris that I haven’t mentioned about yet, and that is the Effiel Tower. The Effiel Tower is one of the most known monuments in the world. About a year ago I went there, and I saw that there were a lot of fun things to do: ice skating, scavenger hunts, and one of my personal favorites…the city look over at the top of the Effiel Tower. When we arrived at the Eiffel Tower, there was a big crowd all lined up to take the elevator up the Eiffel Tower. If you ever go to France ?? always remember that if there is and long line, just wait and all of the waiting will always be worth it.

Now this the saddest part about this blog, the end of blog talk. Paris is the most wonderful place for a visit, getting this from a person who has been there. Don’t say that there was the Paris attacks one year ago and there’s the Louvre Crisis going on as the second you read this. Don’t let that 1% stop you from going to Paris and for- filing your dreams. Just do it, and let it go with the flow ??.


One of The Most Expensive Restaurant In The World.

It was about two years ago when we traveled to London, we had a great time there but there was two thing that I liked the most. Those two thing, number one was the hotels we slept in, and number two was the restaurants we ate at. In my opinion one of the most delicious and expensive restaurant was the Apsleys, a Heinz Beck Restaurant at The Lanesborough.

I took a tour through the restaurant a told me everything about the hotel. Yes it has a long name, half of it is because it’s at the Lanesborough Hotel, but originally it is called the Apsleys Restaurant. Apsleys became the fastest London venue to be awarded with a Michelin star when it won the accolade in 2010. A team of mainly Italian chefs offer a menu of light Mediterranean-inspired dishes, which features fine quality, seasonal ingredients, with British specialties including Casterbridge fillet of beef and Yorkshire rump of lamb which I actually find very disgusting ?.

One thing I found out about the restaurant was that while the restaurant does offer value for money around $40 for a two-course lunch, there is the opportunity to spend all of your ? money too, with a seven-course meal with wine pairings costing around $200 and champagne priced at more than $6,000 which is an amazing value compared to other champagnes around the world. I searched up that they have one of the most expensive champagne in the ? world ?. The chandeliers still remind me of the phantom of the opera play. In that comparison I think you’ll say that the chandeliers are huge and believe me, they are. To me the theme was French and Italian culture combined.

I had a great time at that restaurant but it is time for me to say goodbye, goodbye hotels, goodbye restaurant, and goodbye London. It was fun while it lasted, but sad when we leave. We say hello to U.S.A, Texas, and Austin and tell them that do not fear, we are here ??.


The Smartest Animal On The Planet

  • Humans aren’t the only inteligent creatures on Earth. As National Geographic points out in a documentary, research proves that animals are much smarter than people realize. With that in mind, meet the planet’s cleverest creature. The smartest animal on the planet… The “raven”.

Ravens (big crows) are extremely talented and clever animals that have been known to multi-task and corporate. Researchers from Canada and Scotland have shown that ravens use logic to understand their surroundings in a way that may surpass the ability of the great apes. The crow, a close cousin to the raven, is also an extremely smart bird. Crows are crafty creatures: They fashion tools from twigs, feathers and other bits of trash to catch and find food from hard-to-reach places. The birds are born with a tool-making ethic, but they finish their craft by watching their elders, which is a sign of higher cleverness.

I got this information from

Most people might not know it but crows are legendary for their smarts. A 2004 study in the Journal Science found that for their size, crows possess unusually big brains, which are proportionate to the chimpanzee brain. A few years earlier, New Caledonian crows were discovered to be on the same level as nonhuman mammals.

As I would say, they are the flying people of the world ??. From the articles I read I realized one thing… That you should never and I say never underestimate the power of the universe, from big stars to tiny microscopic Bactria. So you shouldn’t make it a fact that something is what you think it is. ✌????



Why Did Texas Almost Fail as a Spanish Colony?

If you were the king of Spain how would you feel if pretty much all of your missions failed? In the summer of 1519, the Spaniards traveled up the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico and arrived in Mexico with four of their ships. They started to destroy Mexico’s beautiful capital, Tenochtitlán, and started to colonize and establish what will really soon be known as Mexico City (BCE). So, why did Texas almost fail as a Spanish Colony? Well it all has to do with three big reasons: hostile Natives, geographical issues, and a lot of mission problems. Such as Nacogdoches, they had no mission Indians and friars, so they had to shut it down completely, followed by.

One of the reasons Texas almost failed as a colony was because of hostile Natives. For example on October 1776 several La Bahia area Indians got killed by the Comanches; and the Comanches stole about 100 horses in San Antonio, and then on Mid-May 1776, five-hundred Apaches raided lots of ranches in San Antonio and La Bahia. Other evidence for the reason that Texas almost failed as a Colony is that a lot of the missions were built next to Apache and Comanche territory in order for them to join the Spanish, but instead it angered the Apache and Comanche, and only made them destroy and attack the missions. This evidence helps explain Spain’s inability to develop Texas, because in the evidence it shows that the Spanish didn’t try to defend the Comanche and Apache from attacking their missions, and didn’t think/plot how the Apaches and Comanches would react to the mission that the Spanish built right next to their territory.

Another reason Spain almost failed to develop Texas was geographical issues. Some evidence is that trade by water was very difficult because there was large areas of shallow water and the shores didn’t have any ports. Other evidence is that overland trading from Mexico City was difficult because they had to go through the Mexico Desert, and the Sierra Madre Oriental to reach Texas. This evidence helps explain why Spain did not develop Texas because the evidences sound like they all are difficult tasks/expeditions to just do, and even trying to accomplish these tasks, they lead to a lot of effort and deaths.

The third and last reason Spain almost failed to develop a successful colony in Texas was mission problems. Some evidence for this is that a lot of the missions got either destroyed or they either got closed down due to small amounts of Indians that go there. Such as the mission of Nuestra Señora de la Luz, near the Gulf of Mexico. Since the year 1758 when the mission was founded here……. not a single Indian has been converted to the mission. Other evidence for this is that the missions in Texas were being attacked by the Indian tribes, due to their bad placement and mapping plans. This evidence further explains why Spain had a hard time developing Texas because all the missions were getting destroyed and attacked due to the tribes that are angry because of them crossing their territorial space on the map.

There were still other reasons that helped explain Spain’s failure. One of these, for example, was Decreasement in Population. There is three important and main reasons that Texas almost Failed as a Colony which are because of Hostile Natives, Geographical Issues, and Mission Troubles. The story of Spain’s near failure to develop Texas is important because from this failure, Spain could learn from the mistakes and fix the same mistakes in the future of developing another colony.

Readers I had to do an essay for my social studies class that had to be titled/about ” Why Did Texas Almost Fail as a Spanish Colony?” So this week my blog post is about the essay I wrote about a month ago.