Track and Field

It’s almost spring time in Texas and you know what that means…track! Every day on the track at our school I see people running ? and struggling to get to the end of the “goal”, but track doesn’t necessarily mean running. There are lots of thing like: long jump, high jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, and hurdles you might want to try.

The other sports apart from running is called a field event. There are two field evens that I am willing to try for strength: shot put, and discus. Shot put is a sport involving a weighted ball and a big measured field to throw it and measure it from the place that the person threw it from. There are many ways to shot it like, between the legs, beneath the ear, and spin three times. You can say it’s easy but believe me it’s harder than it looks because the ball is usually weighted at 3-5 kilograms which is about 6-10 pounds?!

My second sport apart from running is discus. Discus is like a weighted frisbee which is held way differently than your average frisbee. Instead of holding it at your hip/stomach you have to hold it along the elbow/shoulder line. The discus can be explained as smaller than a frisbee and heavier. I say it’s harder to throw a discus than a frisbee because you have to hold the discus with your pointer finger and thumb, which makes it “easier” to throw that I can’t understand. You can compare discus to shot put in a way because in both there is a competition in distance and strength, so basically in a way they are similar not the same?.

Track in my opinion is the most famous sport/game in the world because every day you see kids trying to improve their running skills by racing each other. In track I’m doing the mile so I would have lots of time trying to beat and catch up to the opponents. In my  way of saying this is that I’m more comfortable with the things and events that I chose, and I’m happy with it because of my goal, but don’t let my goal disturb yours because I’m me and you’re you.

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