Going to a baseball game after

We get out of all this laughter

Coming from the people at an outside restaurant


The smell of barbecue burns my nose

And I feel the mulch beneath my toes

And through the playground I flaunt


I’m not having fun

I want to be done

So I can leave to go to the game


The patio restaurant makes me feel blue

And then I know that it’s true

When they say “home is where the heart is”


I meet a girl and we agree

That we should go and climb a tree

All is well when she gives me a necklace to wear to the show


Her mom decides to braid my hair

So it will look pretty as a peach  when we get there

And then we took a nice photo

 Author’s Note:

 This poem is about a memory I have about a time I went to Salt Lick Barbecue, waiting for a baseball game to start. At first I was really upset about having to wait but before long I made a friend. We climbed trees together and she gave me a pair of beads. Her mom put my hair in braids and then took a photo. The lack of punctuation is purposeful.

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