K and Fenrir

   King Hrothgar had summoned four of the toughest warriors to destroy Fenrir, but Fenrir ate them all. I, Hrothgar’s last choice, walked into his castle. “I think we both already know what I’m going to ask you to do” said Hrothgar  “Just go and kill Fenrir. Hrothgar had always been a sarcastic fellow.

    As I walked through the streets of Asgard, I shivered. Dead, flat bodies were everywhere. Those who were lucky enough to escape the gate of being flattened by Fenrir’s paw were either eaten or ran away. Buildings were up in flames. Decayed rubble was everywhere. I hoped that if I ever got back, Asgard would look a lot nicer than this.

    I decided the best way to travel was by horse. A car would have been so much nicer but I just couldn’t seem to get my hands on one of those. As I rode my trusty steed I smelled a strange, burning aroma in the air. I jumped off my horse and followed it. At some point I must of passed out because when I woke up, I was in a cave. Not just any cave, this cave looked like it was in the middle of a volcano. I saw souls shooting from the inside of the “volcano” and, being the expert I am, I immediately recognized it as an entrance to the underworld.

    On the edge of the volcano I saw Fenrir, I grabbed my sword and attempted to stab him with it. He jumped back and then proceeded to rip the sword out of my hand. Just as I thought I was going to die, Fenrir ,in a human voice said, “Sorry, but can you not kill me. If you don’t I’ll make sure to stay out of all y’all in Asgard’s hair”. “Sure” I said and returned to Asgard.

   Once I walked through the door, I greeted King Hrothgar with a nonchalant “Hello” as I tried to hide my pride. When he saw me, King Hrothgar’s eyes almost fell out of his head. “You’re back”! he exclaimed “How”? “Just what I do I replied, “You won’t need to worry about Fenrir for a long time”.

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